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Friday, August 19, 2016

Happy Birthday Coco Chanel! 10 Fantastic Quotes From The Icon Herself

Happy birthday to one of the most important fashion designers of all time. 
Happy birthday to one of the most influential women ever. 
Happy birthday to an icon who's essence remains timeless, who's name and legacy will endure long after I'm gone.

Happy Birthday Coco Chanel! Born August 19th 1883, I wonder if she knew she would make such an impact on the world of fashion?
Did she know we would still be talking about her today?

To celebrate Coco here are 10 of her most famous quotes:

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.

Success is most often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable.

Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.

Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.

How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone.

Don't spend time beating on a wall hoping to transform it into a door.

I invented my life by taking for granted that everything I did not like would have an opposite which I would like.

A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future.

Several years ago in Los Angeles I was on a shoot with a billionaire client who told me he could always tell if I had been in the room because I would leave behind just a hint of Chanel No. 5, in his mind the most feminine, elegant and timeless fragrance.


I think about that every time I smell No. 5
Maybe it's time to start wearing Chanel No. 5 again, because honestly I could use a little elegance in my life...

Friday, September 4, 2015

10 Ways To Lift Yourself Up

Do you love Free People?
I do.
I love their blog too.

I found this on the Free People blog under Inspiration.
And it is indeed inspiring.

When It all Falls Down: 10 Ways To Lift Yourself Up

Post image for When It All Falls Down: 10 Ways To Lift Yourself UpPin It
This post comes from our Australia contributor, Bianca Boulden!

I’ve been in some unpleasant situations in my life, to say the least. Who hasn’t though, right? That’s life, you win some and you loose some. Live and learn, it’s the best medicine. Some of the situations were of my own creation and others came straight out of left field and were nearly impossible to prepare for. So I wanted to share with you a list of things I discovered that helped me find some relief during my personal rock bottom episodes.
Be nice to people.
Yes it may be corny but kindness is underrated. When was the last time you asked a friend, a family member or even a perfect stranger if they are OK? You could be standing next to somebody in line for your coffee that is completely broken and you wouldn’t even know it. Just starting a conversation and being kind is all they may need to lift them up for the day. If you can be kind through your dark time and not bite the unsuspected heads off of the innocent bystanders, you’ll find that your personal happiness is uplifted as well. I’m not saying it will pay your bills but it will give you personal satisfaction and gratification. As they say, what goes around comes around – spread good karma.
Accomplish something.
When I have experienced something devastating or feel as though whatever I do is pointless or goes unnoticed, or when I am struggling between groceries and the rent for the week, even small accomplishments are worthy to note. Go for a walk, clean out your wardrobe, clean your house, finish that book that’s been sitting next to your bed for 6 months, even write a book — put the pen to paper and see what happens! I volunteered at an animal shelter because animals make me happy. So do the same, what ever you will feel good about and will make you smile.
Let it go. The only things you can actually control are what you do, say, and think, you can seriously reduce the crushing stress that comes with challenging life events by allowing yourself to let go of that which you can’t control..

Treat yourself.
I’m not saying go spend a BOMB on designer clothes or those $400 boots you have had your ear on all over Instagram but just a little something, it has always helped me. For me it was a crystal or a new record. The music took me to another world and the crystal empowered me.
Be with Nature.
It’s easy to get stuck in your comfort zone, the couch or your room or bed, but getting stuck in routine often means  you actually don’t get to enjoy the little things in life that should make you happy. For me I get high just from looking at a sunset or the perfect line of palm trees. I can’t even describe to you what the ocean does. It gives me goose bumps, like it’s my soul mate and it understands me. Go for a hike up a mountain, lay on the grass and watch the clouds or walk along the sand and let your feet hit the water. Breathe it all in and you will feel a lot better then sitting in your PJ’s for days.

Cry it out.
I’m not the best at crying; it takes me a bit to do it. I will go through stages where I would cry even at movies and then I will be so strong that it scares me. Sometimes you just need to let it out. So when you do… let it out.
Do something new and exciting.
Maybe you’ve been thinking about learning to surf, or perhaps you wanted to start taking dance classes, why not try? You will learn something new and meet new people. Don’t allow yourself to settle into misery. I made myself do things I had never done before and it brought me so much perspective and gratitude, not to mention fun!
Reach out to someone.
And I don’t mean reach out to someone and unload all your misery on them, everyone has their issues, they don’t need yours too. I mean reach out to someone in friendship, rekindle a relationship with someone that might have grown stagnate, force yourself to be around other people and feign happiness. Fake the happiness until you feel it. Fake it until you make it, lovers.

Do something for someone else.
Go out of your way to do good for others, realize that you are not the only person on the planet who is struggling, that there tons of people in your town and city who are having a tougher time than you are.

Do whatever it takes to make yourself laugh. Get on YouTube, call that friend that always has a funny awkward story, put on a movie that gets you every time… Step Brothers is good one.
Happiness is fleeting. It’s rarely, if ever, a constant state of being for anyone, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pursue it even when there seems to be nothing worthy of that happiness. You can either let life and its struggles swallow you whole or fight your way to a silver lining. Remember, your happiness is your responsibility. I say FIGHT!

“The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows.”
Photos Jenna Agius
Model Dani Bonnor

Source: When It All Falls Down: 10 Ways To Lift Yourself Up

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How To Have A Happy And Productive Day

Have you ever noticed that if you wake up late, race to get out the door on time, start your day frazzled and frantic, the whole day seems to go downhill at the speed of light?

I'm borderline phobic about being late for anything, so to avoid starting my day out with an I'm-running-late stress-bomb I started working out ways to make my morning flow nicely. The more steps I added in, the better my entire day became. I found myself happier, more productive and more relaxed all day.


10 Steps To Make Sure You Have A Happy And Productive Day.

1. Go To Bed Early.
Well, I would love to get to bed early, but that pretty much never happens, so I focus on getting to bed a half hour earlier than usual. Sometimes its only 15 minutes earlier, but every little bit counts.

2. Plan Tomorrow's Outfit Tonight.
Lay out tomorrow's clothes before you go to bed, or at least think them out. Mornings move more smoothly when your wardrobe is at least mentally sorted ahead of time.

3. Wake With Gratitude.
Get into the habit of starting your day by acknowledging 10 things you are grateful for. Think them out before you get out of bed.
If you start your day with gratitude you will automatically be happy. There's magic in this madness too - the more you tell the Universe you are grateful for, the more things it will give you to be grateful for. 


4. Stretch.
Whether you do sun salutations or just simple stretches, your body, your mind and your soul will love you for it.

5. No Screens For 30 Minutes.
There was a time when I would automatically click on CNN and start scrolling through emails as soon as I woke up. Now I have a no screens policy.
When you don't have news hysteria hijacking your brain, and you wait 30 minutes before even considering opening email, your mind can ease into your day.
I used to think that I needed to be informed and know what was happening in the world, but then I realized that CNN doesn't give you world news anyway, and they just regurgitate the same stories over and over for the first few hours of the morning, so you won't be missing anything if you wait 30 minutes.

6. Play Music.
With news television out of the way, start your day with beautiful music. Or invigorating music. Something happy and inspiring to lift you up.

7. Drink Water Before Coffee.
Start your day with a large glass of cold water infused with lemons.
Lemon water is good for your skin, good for your immune system, detoxes your liver, relieves stress and much more.

start your day with lemon water

8. Exercise. (if you can)
Anytime that I can exercise in the early morning I feel fantastic all day. As a makeup artist I have so many super early starts to the day that I hardly ever get to work out as early as I would like. Even doing just 10 minutes of yoga will lift your spirits, but if you can get outside and run or bike or power walk, mother nature will lift you even more.


9. Live With Intention.
While you are getting ready visualize the day ahead, seeing everything going the way you want it to. Over time you will find that instead of worrying about deadlines and meetings, reviews and potential problems, your brain will automatically plug into the most positive potential outcome. Not only will you walk taller and with more confidence, but instead of worrying about what might go wrong your mind will move to problem solving mode, priming you for success.

10. Make Today Count.
I love this quote from Steve Jobs' famous commencement speech at Stanford in 2005. 
If it was my last day in the world I would spend it traveling somewhere fabulous with those I love most...

For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer has been “No” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.

Have yourself a happy and productive day my friends.

Friday, May 15, 2015

2 Things Successful People Have In Common ~ via Zanita

I follow ZanitaZanita on Instagram, and recently started reading her fabulous blog (

Sometimes I think my own life is just a combination of passion, resilience and tenacity. People always tell me I'm lucky (in spite of the endless hours of hard work, the long nights staying up making deadlines, the endless sacrifices it takes to achieve a worthy goal...)
Suffice to say I really identified with this post and I hope you do too!

I loved this post about the 2 Things Successful People Have In Common

In a world where we’re hyperaware of everyone’s accomplishments, it’s easy to look around you and immediately think success came easily for some and that money and connections are the two contributing factors to success.

I see this all the time as I read comments about successful fashion bloggers on WhoWhatWear and Fashionista, but if you look deeper, you’ll quickly realize that there are two key things that actually propelled those individuals to where they are today. With these things in mind, you too, can cultivate yourself, build good habits, and some day get there.

1. Passion.

Everything starts with Passion for it is the primary driver of initiative and energy. It’s important because successful people must have the energy to work relentlessly. You may not be smarter or more experienced than those around you, but surely, you can outwork them if you have the passion and drive. Plus, when all else fails, your passion will be the only thing that remains – is it enough to keep you going?

2. Resilience & Tenacity.

These two go hand in hand and you need them to succeed simply because they triumph when talent and skill do not. With failure being inevitable along the way, Resilience lets you bounce back and try again. Tenacity is what forces you try every option and analyze every outcome – it’s ultimately what makes “success” happen. Both are what will keep you from throwing up the white flag.
Vogue-Australia-April-2013-6Success comes in both big and small waves, but before you make big things happen, you need to overcome the small. Recognizing your small wins and understanding the steps and setbacks you went through to get there allows you to visualize that it is the exact thing you need to do to be successful – just on a different scale. 
It drives me insane when people call me lucky because luck 
sounds like I sat on my bums while opportunity came knocking on the door. However, I can’t even count the number of hours I’ve spent learning something new or perfecting a skill, which all stemmed from a passion for wanting to do better and go further in life.
So the next time you’re questioning your ability and capacity, ask yourself, “Why did I start?” Then remind yourself of all the obstacles you had to overcome to get to where you are and just keep going. After all, I truly believe,
“I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Midweek Wisdom #10 ~ It's The Little Things...

photogrpher Franco Rubartelli takes a selfie with Veruschka, January 1968

"It's the little things that make the big things possible. Only close attention to the fine details of any operation makes the operation first class."
-- J. Willard Marriot

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Midweek Wisdom #8

Do you ever wake up and have no idea where you are, or even what time zone you are in??
I just got back from a few days traveling.
And when I woke up this morning I thought I was in Europe. 
But unfortunately I wasn't.

When you're not sure which way is up, there's nothing like a little midweek wisdom to get you back on track. 
When I look at Paul McCartney I wonder if he ever had self doubt? or did he just trust the path he was on??
Scroll down for today's quote.

Paul McCartney in Stockholm airport 1963
What you think,
you become.

What you feel,
you attract.

What you imagine,
you create.

~ Buddha

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Midweek Wisdom ~ Gregory Peck

Even all these years later, I would have to say that the days I spent working with Greg Peck were some of the most wonderful days of my career. 
I absolutely adored this man.
We would talk for hours, and he was always endlessly fascinating and completely charming. He was both my client and my friend.

Today's Midweek Wisdom has 2 of his quotes, followed by one other that is also the kind of statement he would make.

Gregory Peck withe his wife Veronique in 1958

You will always be too much of something for someone:
too big, too loud, too soft, too edgy. 
If you round out your edges, you lose your edge.
Apologize for the mistakes. 
Apologize for unintentionally hurting someone - profusely.
But don't apologize for being who you are.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Is He Cheating On You??

The very best piece of advice I have ever received from a man (actually from anyone) was given to me by the head of the largest private security firm in Los Angeles, shortly after I arrived there from London many years ago.
 He said: always trust your intuition. Always.

image via

Admittedly he was talking more about being attacked or followed, but it also applies to the study of people. And I have never forgotten that advice.

I have always been an inveterate studier of people. I find people completely fascinating. I work with some of the most intriguing people in the world. I also work with some of the greatest philanderers on the planet and get to watch them in action. I watch the dad's at the park (with their kids) in action too - it's all the same.

This past weekend my phone was literally blowing up with 2 friends going through the "I think he's cheating" routine. Which in turn made me bring this post forward - It was originally scheduled for March.

So if you are wondering if he is cheating on you or not, here is the advice I give and have given for years to girlfriends all over the world. (and being that most of you reading this blog are girls, you have no doubt participated in this same conversation hundreds of times too)

image via Seunsblog

1. Trust your intuition.
If you suspect he is cheating on you then he probably is.

2. If you are snooping through his emails, his social media, his phone and aren't finding anything, but your intuition is telling you there's something not right, then he probably is. 
Plenty of men have secret social media profiles and email addresses, even secret phones. 
** It should be noted though that if you are indeed snooping through his devices you either need to work on your self esteem or move on. There is nothing healthy about feeling that you need to spy on your partner.

3. The relationship re-evaluation.
How much of it is about really enjoying each others company and wanting to find quality time together? Does he choose to spend his spare time with you, or are you forcing him to? I have an aquaintance who keeps her boyfriend on the shortest, tightest leash you can imagine. She controls where he is at all times and he isn't allowed any friends that aren't her friends. But he still finds ways to cheat.

4. He changes his weight or his appearance.
I don't think the constant cheater necessarily changes his appearance, but the guy who has recently found a side interest frequently will trim down, take more interest in his appearance, make an effort to look good for no apparent reason.

5. His memories are wrong
He refers to movies that you saw together, but that you didn't see with him. Or maybe wine bars you've never been to. As he spends more time with her his memories blur into one another and he can't quite remember who he did something with.

6. He suddenly gets defensive.
If you question something and he gets defensive instead of mildly annoyed there's a good chance something is up.
Although I have watched serial cheaters in action over the years, and their absolute cool when under fire is borderline scary.

image via

7. He needs a lot of privacy, especially with his devices.
If your guy suddenly needs privacy when he's texting or typing away on his devices, chances are something's up.
I have a few clients though who sit there texting their side pieces while their wife is in the room, completely oblivious. They know that I know, but the wife is either in major denial or completely unaware. #awkward.

8. Pay close attention to detail.
One of the most successful cheaters I have ever known told me that the trick to successful lying is in the details. He said that what trips most men up is that they haven't fleshed out a good, detail specific story ahead of time, and if they have done then they forget it a couple of days later.
Rather than go through his phone, randomly pick your guy's brain. If he was actually where he says he was he will naturally remember things about it, who he was with, random little things.
If he gets evasive or irritated there is a strong chance he's lying. 

9. His provenance.
I know you can't generalize, but there are certain nationalities for whom cheating is a national pastime. Especially the frenchies and the italians! I recently sat next to the most glorious Parisienne on a flight home from France. She told me that Parisian women aren't thin because of any diet - she said it's the endless stress of wondering who of your friends are sleeping with your husband! She also told me she's never met an Italian who isn't a cheater, but I like to think I know at least a couple.

10. Body language.
People give their game away with their body language. Even just learning the basics will serve you well in business, in life, and in telling whether or not he's cheating. Unless he is a pure sociopath his eye movements alone will tell you when he's lying.

The perilous terrain known as Cougarland
I know a few women in their 50s dating boys in their 30s. In every case she is the one with the money, and in some cases there is a green card in it for him. I feel like beating my head against a brick wall when they start questioning if I think he's maybe cheating on her. Um.. yes. He is!!
I'm sure there are cougar relationships that work well, but back to my first point, if your intuition is telling you something's not right, it's not right.
I know one young fellow in a relationship with an older woman who told me he cheats on her all the time because she emasculates him. She always talks down to and about him, which also makes it uncomfortable to everyone else in the room. He was showing us his holiday photos the other day (she pays for great vacations) and one of the guys said it looked like our young friend was at an AARP convention. 
I'm not anti cougar by any means, I just have never seen a cougar based relationship work for particularly long, unless she's really not much older than he, and he is the primary bread winner.

 Don't blame the side action.
The female reflex seems to always be to blame the side-girl that he's involved with, instead of blaming him. If he's not loyal to you then he is the problem, not her.
And if you are the side girl always remember if you do manage to oust the wife/girlfriend and become his number one, the side girl position is now open...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Midweek Wisdom #6 Vintage Images of Celebrities In airports, With A Quote

I never get tired of looking at pictures of Audrey Hepburn.
She is iconic, timeless, the epitome of femininity and a very approachable beauty.
I love her body of work, and I love her body of good works.
I also love her quotes. I have one for you below.
I believe...

Audrey Hepburn, Rome 1968

I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner.
I believe in kissing, kissing a lot.
I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.
I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.
I believe that tomorrow is another day and
I believe in miracles.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Midweek Wisdom #5

Don't you just love this image?
Shirley Maclaine looking entirely fabulous in long black gloves and rhinestone glasses,
rocking a little PanAm-glam in 1960 at Idlewild airport,
on her way to Italy.

Shirley Maclaine traveling to Italy from Idlewild, 1960

Midweek Wisdom quote #5

"Don't let your past steal your future.
Move on."

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Midweek Wisdom and Airport Celebs # 4

Happy Hump day!

Here is some midweek wisdom
that you should take to heart...

Frank Sinatra 1956

"Always be careful of what you hear about a woman.
Rumors either come from a man
who can't have her,
or a woman who can't compete with her"


Sunday, January 18, 2015

How To Enjoy The Best Of Venice

Have you ever dreamed of going to Venice? Is the city of canals and singing gondoliers on your travel list? Or maybe you have a trip booked and are heading there this year?


One of my dearest friends is getting ready to take her first trip to Venice. I wanted to make sure she didn't miss anything so I started making her a list of things to see and do in this most magnificent city. The list grew and grew, and then more people wanted to see it, so in the end I turned it into a blogpost so everyone can share the love I feel for this glorious city on the water.
Buon viaggio Dani!

Venice is so moody in the rain

                                                                           Truman Capote

Venice, September 2014
Nothing but nothing prepares you for that first overwhelming glimpse of Venice. 
To quote Marlena de Blasi ~ you just don't know where to put your eyes.

exploring the canals in Venice, 2012.

The visual impact of this waterbound city is staggering. No matter how many pictures you have seen, or how well you think you know her, that first moment takes your breath away. 
Every. Single. Time.

Everywhere you put your eyes you find magic. I love Venice.

Shortly thereafter the sounds, smells and tastes weave their way into your consciousness, and once again she has you under her moody, sultry spell. 

She is complex, exceedingly beautiful, mysterious, and perhaps the most unique city on earth.

Venice is also the perfect place to travel alone. It is one of the safest cities to walk around at night, in fact violent crime is virtually unknown here.

you feel safe walking around Venice, day or night.

But Venice can also be the ultimate tourist trap if you don't know what you're doing.
With fleets of cruise ships not only mauling the lagoon and blighting the horizon, but disgorging thousands of tourists for their kodak half day Venetian experience, you can easily find yourself in a mall-crush, overpriced, kitchy, waterlogged tourist hell.

Between 13 and 14 million people visit Venice each year, of which 80% are in the city for 8 hours or less, and 90% of whom head directly to Piazza San Marco. The average cruise ship tour is 3 hours long and includes a 30 minute gondola ride along with photo ops outside of the main attractions at Piazza San Marco, imiting the tourists' experience of Venice to a postcard image.

As such the area in and around San Marco is full of vendors selling junky souvenirs made in China, and overpriced food.
To sit at a cafe in the piazza and drink a coffee you will pay around 15 to 20 euros - 12 euros to be seated and up to 8 euros for a coffee.

Step away from the madding crowds and you can have the streets to yourself...

5 minutes walk from St Marks Square Venice becomes your own. She is beautiful in the rain.
Corinna B's World Glam Italia Tour 2014

And yet if you venture 5 minutes in any direction from the Piazza san Marco you will find a whole new world. One where you can grab coffee for 1 euro, one populated by very few tourists. This is the magic Venice that you need to explore and become well aquainted with.

But you cannot go to Venice and not see Piazza San Marco. Plan to get it out of the way quickly, and then move on. There is so much more to see and do in this spectacular city.

Of pigeons and weddings... Piazza San Marco 2014, Corinna B's World Glam Italia Tour

I would die if a pigeon landed on me!
Others love it though

Get to Piazza San Marco early. 
You have to experience Piazza San Marco, the Basilica San Marco and the Palazzo Ducale (Doges Palace). The problem is if you are there with the teeming masses you won't really get to experience it either. ***
The key is to get there early. Or late. I always think before 9am (be there at 8am if you can!) and after 5 when the tourists aren't around in such force. 
Walking through the Piazza San Marco when there's no one round is just pure magic. I love it when the restaurants that line the piazza are just setting up for the day's business, or when the blue hour hits and the crowds are thinning and you can meander along and soak it all in.

While at Piazza San Marco you need to visit the Basilica San Marco. This is the spiritual heart of Venice as well as being one of the world's finest medieval buildings.
The present Basilica (the 3rd to be built on this site) was built between 1063 and 1094.
The dimly lit interior can be completely daunting. Built in the shape of the Greek cross, it's five sections are topped with 11th century domes. The walls and the domes are covered in mosaics. 4000sq m/ 430, 500 sq ft of mosaic work, completed over a span of 600 years. The golds alone will stop you in your tracks. 
Do your best to get there before the crowds.

Mosaics inside the Basilica San Marco, Venice
Corinna B's World Glam Italia Tour 2014

The mosaics inside the Basilica San Marco will take your breath away.
Image from the Corinna B's World Glam Italia Tour 2014

The Campanile sits opposite the Basilica. On a clear day you can see for forever from the top of the Campanile, and get a fantastic feel for Venice, but on a hazy day your view is restricted, and perhaps not worth the climb.
Either way, if you are planning a trip to the top make sure you are there before 9am to avoid the tourist madness (and endlessly long lines).

I saw these lovers getting shelter from the rain outside the Doges palace, and decided lovers, long dresses and rain are perfect in Venice
"Perhaps no one ever gets to know Venice as much as they remember her, recall her from an episode in some other dream.
Venice is all our fantasies."
~ Di Blasi

Take an audio tour of the Doge's Palace/Palazzo Ducale, one of the most astoundingly oppulent palaces in all of Europe. For centuries Venice was the heart of world trade, and the wealthiest city in the world. As such the home of it's leader (The Doge) and it's government had to have an awe inspiring impact on all who came here.
You get to see more of this palace than most palaces in Europe. Walk up the golden staircase to the Doge's apartments, meander along the unbelievably ornate hallways each of which is more lavish the the last, and try to catch your breath as you gaze up at Tintoretto's The Triumph Of Venice on the ceiling of the Sala del Senato. 

The Triumph Of Venice, Senate Room of the Doge's Palace, venice

Beyond this you will see the armory, the court rooms and across the Bridge Of Sighs (Ponte dei Sodpiri) to the prison and torture chambers.
Note: there is an amazing 75 minute secret itinerary tour of the palace which gives you insight into the inner workings of this secretive government, which is well worth taking. the tour english takes place at 10.30 in the morning, and you need to book in advance

Okay, now that thats done, lets go exploring.

The following comprise a list of great things to do and see, in no specific order.

Make sure you check out all the links I have put into this giant post. There are entire posts on each of my favorite places in Venice embedded in this main story. There is some fabulous information, and so many things you absolutely do not want to miss!

View from a bridge, Venice 2012

Get Your Bearings:
First let's understand Venice. Venice is a series of 117 islands linked by a network of canals and bridges, broken up into 6 neighborhoods or sestieri.Cannaregio, Castello, San Marco, Santa Croce and San Polo, Dorsoduro and Guidecca, and the Lagoon Islands.
Buy a map or bring a guide book to help you navigate your way through the siestri so that you don't miss any of the magic.
The artery from the Rialto in San Polo to Piazza San Marco is by far the busiest, and in my opinion, the part that you spend the least time.
At the bottom of this post I have links to my blogposts on my favorite sestiero, 
The Dorsoduro, trips to The Lagoon Islands, The wonderful palaces of Ca D'Oro and Ca Rezzonico.
Everywhere you look there is something magical! Get away from the main tourist areas and go explore Venice.

Get Lost In Venice
Everybody does. And getting lost in Venice as you meander along the smaller canals and cross endless little bridges is just one of the loveliest experiences you can have. Whether she is bathing you in sunshine or dousing you in rain she is spectacular at every turn, and those moments of being lost within her leave you feeling like you've found your own private, very magical Venice.

I get lost in Venice all the time. And that's when I find the very best things.
Somewhere in Venice, 2013

The city is quite small, so you can't really get that lost. I have found that my greatest discoveries in all of Italy, as well as in Venice, have happened when I have somehow become lost.

What To Eat
Venice is a city of seafood. Inspite of the lagoon getting churned up by unending cruise ship traffic, it still is full of fish, as well as all the seafood gleaned from the surrounding area in the Adriatic.
A walk through the Rialto Market (in San Polo - you can't miss it!) will show you a dazzling variety of seafood, some you've probably never seen or tasted before. Local restauranteurs shop here, so you are previewing what you will be eating later in the day. You will also find an unbelievable array of spices in the mercado ,having made their way here centuries ago dating back to the spice trade. ** Spices from asia and northern africa accessed the rest of the world via the world trade center, Venice.**
Make sure you try fritto misto, a mixture of deep fried squid, octopus and prawns. Unlike the heavy, oily deep fried seafood you're used to, Venetian chefs are superbly light handed, creating a divine misto that doesn't weigh you down.

Venetians are also celebrated for their cakes and pastries. Step up to the bar in a coffee shop, order a caffe (espresso to non italians) and enjoy a baicoli or a busolai, little local light biscuit/cookies.

Venetian pastries and cookies


One of the most fun ways to enjoy eating in Venice is to go bacari hopping.
A bacaro is a bar. Stop in for the local drink, prosecco, and pair it with a tapas like snack known as cicheti. These are little finger foods, perfect with a light drink. If you are like me, a total lightweight when it comes to drinking, you can order un'ombra (a shadow) or smaller taste of wine. I find that by stopping here and there for cicheti I wind up eating far less than if I'm stopping for full meals. Plus it's much more fun, especially in the early evenings when all the locals are out and about, stopping to socialize on their way home. 

Another thing you will see is people sipping on sunset colored drinks, normally red or orange. These are the famous Venetian spritz. White wine with a splash of campari (the red) or my favorite, with Aperol (the orange). The loveliest way to end the day and welcome the early evening is to sit outside a bacaro with a spritz and some snacks and watch the world go by. Avoid Piazza San Marco (as it will cost the same as your car payment!) instead head into the other neighborhoods, such as Cannaregio, and join the locals. The people watching is much more fun here! Read more about it in my post on Ca' D'Oro (linked here)

Spritz Aperol and people watching in Cannaregio at the end of the day
Surprisingly Venice is quiet at night. The bulk of the tourists are only here during the day for a few hours so the streets empty out quickly. Locals head home and all is quiet. 
If you are looking for some evening fun head to Campo Santa Margherita in the lovely Dorsoduro. This town square is full of bars and restaurants, and is also populated by students from the nearby university. This is where everyone goes, and it is fun! Read more about Campo Santa Margherita and the beautiful Dorsoduro in this separate blogpost (linked here). 
The Dorsoduro is my favorite part of Venice and I have some great information on it for you.
The other great area for nightlife in Venice is the Rialto. The daytime market clears out and the fun bar scene takes it's place.

Santa Maria della Salute seen from the vaporetto in 2012.
 I can look at her 100 times in a day, and she will still take my breath away every time.

Buy a day pass or multi day pass for the Vaporetto. These ferry-like water buses are going to be your main mode of transport. Be wary of water taxis - they are super expensive.

Things you see from the vaporetto ~ Venice 2012

Make Your Own Vaporetto Tour Of The Grand Canal
I love to take a little vaporetto tour along the Grand Canal later in the day, starting at the train station and working backwards towards San Marco. I start at the train station because everyone else is heading in the opposite direction, going home from work, heading back to the cruise ships or heading out of town on the train after a day visit. They get to be in the human crush, I on the other hand, get a non obstructed view either from the front of the boat or in a window seat. With a guide book in hand, or Rick Steves' fantastic podcast (I really recommend this) learn the stories behind the palaces that line the Grand Canal.

view from the vaporetto on the grand canal in Venice, 2012

I have frequently had the wonderful luck of finding myself seated next to a retired local who has given me a running commentary on what we are seeing, and has told me glorious stories of the history behind various palazzi along the way. Stories I have never seen in guide books. Which of course just adds another layer of magic to the experience!

Ca' D'Oro

Magnificent Ca D'Oro in Venice

Venice is full of incredible palazzi (palaces). They line up along the Grand Canal in all their glory. Actually they are everywhere, but there is something so magnificent about seeing them along the banks of the Grand Canal. I sincerely recommend reading up on some of them before you arrive, and taking the time to go visit them.
One of my personal favorites is the Ca' D'Oro in Cannaregio. I go visit Ca' D'Oro (the golden house) every time I am in Venice, and because I have so much to tell you about it, I have written it's own blogpost linked here. Make sure you take the time to read this separate post as it is full of great information, and tells you a little about Cannaregio too!

The Blue Hour

If I could give you Venice for a single hour, it would be this hour
~ De Blasi

While on your little home made private tour of the Grand Canal keep an eye out for where you would like to be for the blue hour. The blue hour is this magic time just after sunset when natural light and artificial light mix together creating a dramatic effect that turns the world blue. Venice is one of the most amazing places in the world to photograph the blue hour - the network of canals and the spectacularly beautiful buildings make it ridiculously photogenic. Blue hour only really lasts about 20-30 minutes so you want to plan out where you would like to shoot it, and allow yourself time to get there.
Check out photographer Jeff Bell's blogpost on the blue hour in Venice (click here) his images will inspire you! This is one of Jeff's blue hour photos below:

Blue hour in Venice captured by photographer Jeff Bell.
Check out his blogpost linked above.
Walk At Night
I listened to a podcast recently where the gentleman talked about getting up and walking around Venice at 3am. At that time the streets are empty, the fog is rolling in, bathing her in mystery, and you can stroll unimpeded, feel the city, photograph everything with no one in your way. I'm not sure that I would necessarily get up at 3, but I do adore Venice by night. Remember there is almost no violent crime, so you feel safe as well as somewhat self indulgent, walking around having this incredible place all to yourself. Sometimes during the day the crush of the tourist crowd blocks your ability to feel Venice and her history. By night when she is all yours you can literally feel the past seeping from her walls. If you have studied up on some of the history behind the various palazzi you can almost hear the lavish 18th century parties going on inside. Or maybe thats just the prosecco talking... 

My love of Venice comprises far too much information to put in a single blogpost, so I expanded different parts of this blogpost into their own little stories.
Read more about the lovely Dorsoduro here
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If you are like me and have a love affair with Venice, (or think you might have one if you go there), you must read 1000 Days In Venice by Marlena Di Blasi. 

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