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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Valentine's Day Shopping Ideas

Valentine's Day is only 2 weeks away, which means you need to set up your plan and shop now!
Whether you are shopping for something special for your Valentine's date night, buying a V-Day gift for a BFF, or spoiling yourself (because you DO deserve it!!), here are some ideas to get you started.


Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillowtalk.


This is the perfect pinky-nude shade. Not only is the color gorgeous, but Charlotte's Matte Revolution lipsticks are really lovely to wear. (which is why I talk about them a lot!). They don't dry your lips out like most matte lipsticks, instead they keep them hydrated and beautiful.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in The Queen.


I love this shade for spring! This one is a cerise shade that will really fire up blue and green eyes. My absolute favorite lip shades at the moment are all red-crimsons, cerises and raspberries. I wear them everyday.

A Berry toned lace bra from

Don't you love this color??? I would wear it under pretty much anything. You can always channel your inner french girl and wear it under a white blouse for maximum effect! has a Valentine's sale going on right now, with 30% savings.

AUrate is a company on all the fashionistas lists at the moment.
(In fact that's how I found them). Pronounced OR-rate, as in to speak, this super chic brand is a breath of fresh air to the gold industry. They make quality, chic products at an affordable price. Not your grandma's gold, but still, pieces that are timeless.


I love their Asymetric Pearl Cuff for it's simplicity and it's beauty.

I found this limited edition Rosa Mundi Diptyque candle on 


It has Damascena, the damask rose and Centifolia, the May rose, as well as notes of currant and bergamot. 
It's beautiful.

Love Relentlessly. Isn't that just the perfect mantra for Valentine's Day?? I was given this new Tory Burch fragrance just before Christmas, and I love it.


Let's face it, who among us doesn't want to Love Relentlessly??
You can find it online at Bloomingdales.

The LOVE T-Shirt from Kule. Nikki Kule's eponymous line of super cool striped T-shirts are famous for their french girl chic. I've written about Kule before (read here).


In light of everything that just happened, Kule is donating 30% from every sale of a LOVE T-shirt to the ACLU, an organization committed to defending the rights of all people, regardless of the color of their skin, their nation of origin, the way they pray or who they love.

The Foreo Luna is a revolutionary T-sonic face brush and anti aging system. 


The Luna gently exfoliates dead skin cells, unclogs the pores, clears away any makeup residue, and improves the absorption of your skin care products. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals Foreo Luna

The Foreo Luna is a breakthrough, award winning skin care device that is taking the world by storm. 

The Luna by Foreo
Similar to the Clarisonic, the Luna utilizes sonic vibrations to deep cleanse and exfoliate the skin, de-clogging pores, removing makeup and improving the absorption of skin care products. It also has anti-aging benefits. 

Unlike the Clarisonic the Luna doesn't use bristles, and is gentle enough for the most sensitive of skins.

Black Friday - Cyber Monday - 25% off + Free Shipping  - Offer Valid 11.24 - 11.28.16

Luna has different variations for each skin type - normal, oily, dry, and is fantastic for people suffering from acne.

Luna for men

Foreo has a collection for men too. It helps their skin stay healthy and clear, and makes the shaving process smoother and easier.

Light Up Their Holiday with Supersonic Gifts for Him - Save up to 30% off

Foreo makes several different Luna products. Lunas for men, for women, travel sized Lunas, mini Lunas.
They also make the Iris eye massager and the Issa toothbrush

Foreo products make fantastic gifts!

FOREO Supersonic Gift Sets Available - Save Up To 30% Valid Thru 12/31/16

Foreo Inc

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Coveted List, November

It's November 9th and you are either elated by the election result or feeling a sense of revulsion.
Whether you are celebrating or commiserating, nothing brings a smile quite like a fabulous shopping excursion (for me that is almost always an online shopping excursion). So for you and for me, here in November's Coveted List.


So many fabulous things on the November 2016 Coveted List!
Each item on the list makes for a fabulous end of year/holiday/Christmas gift for any fabulous females on your list, including yourself!

Starting top left Nasty Galaxy by Girl Boss author Sophia Amoruso is a lifestyle bible, approaching Sophia's philosophy, music and style, in the same way she approached business in Girl Boss. 

Nasty Galaxy by Sophia Amoruso

This book is super visual, and super cool. 

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in The Queen 

charlotte-tilbury-the queen
Charlotte Tilbury The Queen
I'm a huge fan of the Matte Revolution lipsticks. They give you a fabulous matte finish, but are also incredibly hydrating, so your lips don't dry out. This new shade, The Queen, is a bold cerise, the perfect shade for the season!
Available online at Charlotte Tilbury

The Foreo Luna is taking the beauty world by storm. Use it to exfoliate gently (with rubber instead of bristles) while you cleanse each day, and benefit from the anti-aging benefits of  its groundbreaking technology. 

Foreo Luna

The Luna looks cool too, making it a great gift.
Available online at

The Clementine Heel by Joie
Joie Clementine Heel

My favorite Instagram fashionistas all seem to shop at Revolve, which got me excited about the store. Being that I'm in Phoenix I shop online, and that's where I found this killer shoe. The Clementine heel by Joie is a great transitional shoe, taking you through the seasons. Great with dresses, genius with jeans and a white shirt. It is a classic and timeless piece to add to your wardrobe.
Available online at

Jo Malone's Basil and Neroli Candle is absolutely the new scent of the season. I can't get enough of it. 

Jo Malone Basil and Neroli Candle

This one makes a fabulous gift for yourself as well as the ideal chic gift for anyone on the list of people you want to impress.
Available online at Nordstrom.

Tiffany's Square Bracelet Super sophisticated, graphic angles and clean lines this bracelet is so chic! I've been coveting it for a while...

Tiffany Square Bracelet

Marc Jacobs highlighter

Love. Love. Love.

The pearly gold and silver pigments in this highlighter give your skin the most gorgeous, luminous glow. The effect is not sparkly or frosty, instead it makes the complexion look radiant. (Think Gigi Hadid's glowing skin) 
Available online at Marc Jacobs

The Chloe Marcie Bag

Chloe Marcie bag

This is the most perfect crossbody bag. Stylish, chic and timeless, this bag looks on point with every outfit and will last forever.
Available online at Nordstrom

Sunday, August 7, 2016

How To Choose The Perfect Cleanser For Your Skin


I am skin care obsessed.
I love lotions and potions, serums and masks, essences and facial mists - I love it all. The more steps to a skin care regime, the more products in a line, the more I want in!

In fact while I'm writing this post I have a sheet mask on - my Sunday night routine.

When clients get in my makeup chair I often see that their skin looks stripped, irritated, congested, or maybe overly juicy. When we get talking about their skin more often than not I find that they are using the wrong cleanser. The key to great skin is using the right cleanser for your skin type, so lets break down the different skin types and which cleansers are the right cleansers for each skin.

1. Normal Skin.

Lucky you - you're not dry, you're not oily, you're not acne'd. 
You've got it made.
But be careful - if you don't take care of your skin it's not going to stay looking gorgeous!

Try using the Luna cleansing brush, paired with Foreo's Day and Night Cleansers


2. Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin needs extra TLC. Avoid foaming cleansers, cleansers with acids in them (salicylics, glycolics etc), and also avoid exfoliating cleansers. All of these can strip your skin, irritate your skin, and generally wreck havoc on your skin.
Instead choose a gentle milk or cream cleanser to dissolve makeup and clean your skin.

Try Ren Everclear Gentle Cleansing Milk, available online at Space NK

Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk, , large

3. Congested Or Acne Prone Skin

Your cleansing goal is to help clear the debris, clean up the breakout, balance your skin's natural oils and prevent new breakouts from occurring. A creamy, milky cleanser isn't going to lift away enough, you need a wash.

Try Ciracle Anti Blemish Tea Tree Face Wash, available online from Memebox


4. Dry Skin

Dry skin, like sensitive skin, needs lots of love and attention.
If you don't take care of your dry skin you will fast track the aging process, so choosing the right cleanser is super important.
I have dry skin and my cleanser of choice is an oil cleanser. Oil cleansers dissolve makeup and clean your complexion. On top of that they leave your skin feeling silky soft and very loved up.

Try I'm Cleansing Oil #01 Moist Oil For Dry Skin, available online at You will love it!


Limited Edition Save the Sea - Luna Play + Cleansers - Shop Now!