Thursday, July 16, 2009

Zo Zo Zoe Fabulous!!!

Todays blog will be the shortness and the sweetness, as I have a huge day ahead with a double shoot.
First up is a photoshoot, then right behind it we are shooting a "how to do a summer makeup" video segment. I am getting tons of requests for tutorials on various aspects of doing your makeup, and we are trying to shoot videos on this as quickly as possible.
Keep the comments and requests coming!

So anyway, I want you to meet the gorgeous Zoe, a new summer palette from Julie Hewett Cosmetics.

(For those of you who are new to my blog, Julie Hewett is a major movie makeup artist, who has worked on some of the biggest movies ever. Her bio is just amazing... When she did the movie Pearl Harbor, she couldn't find the perfect red lip for Kate Beckinsdale, so she made it herself. Then everyone wanted it, so she created a little boutique line of products, firstly with the red lips, then other products that she has created over the years. Her products are just fabulous. Most professional makeup artists that I know have quite a collection of Julie Hewett products in their kits, as these are super high quality, high performance products. And if they're good enough for the biggest movie stars in the world, then I think they're good enough for us!)

The ZoePalette is Julie's "Summer Goddess" quad, and is all you need for a delicious summer face.

Vanilla is a matte bare color that you can use all over the eye, or just under the brow bone.
Dolce is a shimmery opalescent gold dust hue with undertones of pink velvet. So beautiful on your eyes, it wakes them up and brightens them. So very beautiful!
Cleo is a sultry bronze shimmer that you can use over your eyeshadows, blend onto cheekbones, or highlight your lips. (Pressing a little Cleo on top of any lip color brings it to life and makes it divinely summery)
Natural is a very sheer, tawny brown tint that compliments all skin tones. Use it to warm up your skin for a sun kissed look, or use it on your lips for a perfect nude color.

I am wearing the Zoe palette everyday, along with the Chloe lip (see my Oooh! Kiss Me Quick! blog)
I am also using it on shoots and loving the results!

The Zoe/Chloe combo is perfect for your summer make up look. Use it to enhance what you are already doing, or use it alone.
For those of you getting married, or in weddings this summer it gives you the perfect summer face for all the events leading up to your wedding such as the rehearsal dinner etc.
I am loving it also for all those beach/poolside/lake/river days where I want to look pretty, but not be wearing a full face of make up. I am also loving just wearing it around town and feeling (and looking!) fresh faced.

And it just keeps getting better! Julie is in Georgia at the moment shooting the new Miley Cyrus movie, The Last Song, but she has given me a special makeup discount for all my readers!!!

Here's what you need to do:
click on Julie Hewett, this will take you into her website (make sure you read her bio!)
At the checkout, enter the code SUM20 This will give you a whopping 20% discount on anything and everything on her site! It will also give you a flat shipping rate of $4.95 in the USA

Whoever you are, and wherever you are, anywhere in the world, you can go in and order as many times as you want! Just come into my blog and click on the link - its that easy!

Copy and paste the address in your web browser, and send this blog to everyone on your email list, all your friends, family, co workers etc. I don't see the department store brands giving out any discounts to anyone, let alone my blog readers, so jump all over this opportunity!

There are two subscription icons on my blog page. Sign up for either of them, and as other special promotions come along, you'll be notified!

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