Monday, July 20, 2009

Sonoma * A * Go-Go!

Every so often, if I've been a really good girl, the planets line up, and the universe drops me a package with my favorite things all bundled up together in it! And this weekend looks like one of those times...

You all know that I have a crazy love for killer high heeled shoes (even though they actually aren't a part of this story,) and handbags and racing.
Well this weekend its all coming together! (apart from the shoes, but the week's not over yet.)

I wrote recently about the super fab handbags at Nitro*A*Gogo in a blog called Girl Get Your GoGo On! These are edgy, cool, racing inspired handbags that you just gotta see, race fan or not.

When it comes to racing, I love the NHRA best, and within that, my absolute, without a doubt, can't miss it favorite are the Nitro Funny Cars. They are just the coolest looking cars you'll ever see, they roar like thunder, and go faster than the devil on a case of Full Throttle.

This weekend is the final weekend of a three week event called the Western Swing, where the NHRA makes its annual cross country trek through Denver, Seattle and then Sonoma.

Wouldn't you know it? In Sonoma there is going to be a Funny Car flying the Nitro*A*Gogo colors! Handbags and Funny Cars! I LOVE it!!!

And how totally fantastic does this car look?

Lets have another look...

Designer Leeza Diehl looks on

So now my loyalties are getting slightly more shredded than torn. Who do I want for the win in Sonoma?

You gotta love the whole Nitro*A*Gogo scene (and I do love red cars...), then there's the AAP car which is bound to sneak up and do something huge before too long, there's Ashley Force Hood rocking the girl power (and looking glam while doing it), there's the Q car which you have to keep an eye on at all times, Capps makes those hilarious Napa commercials so you just have to love him, and then Neff did get the whole feng shui treatment in Seattle - and I'm not one to mess with juju...

Luckily I have the whole week to figure it out, but I want to hear from you.
Who do you want for the funny car win in Sonoma this weekend?

Tell me who is getting your vote in the comment section below

If you are at the Infineon Raceway this weekend, July 24-26 talk to me on twitter @Corinnamakeup (click twitter icon to the right of this post)
If you're watching it on ESPN, talk to me on twitter too.
If you're feeling like there's a new handbag on your horizon check out Nitro*A*Gogo

I'll be looking for your comments!

And may the best car win!




  1. Ashley Force Hood!!! Yes to girl power! She is due for a big win!

  2. You ROCK! This will be another exciting racing adventure to add to your growing resume! RFGR!

  3. I believe it should be another female Force this weekend, namely AFH. How about the Sarge or Cory Mac in TF dragsters?
    Lisa NHRAchik67
    You are rockin' Corinna B!

  4. Thank you for posting again- I actually placed an order last time you posted about Nitro*A*gogo! bags. ..and I love my purchase-its mine mine mine!
    so I think I would have to say that the Nitro*A*gogo! team will get my pom-poms & rah rah rahs! this weekend. Go Nitro!

  5. i saw a link to this & im a fan of these kids, so i had to come check it out. heres a huge "good luck & its great to see you guys back in the lanes" to the Jeff Diehl, wife Leeza Diehl & the rest of the Nitro A gogo team. nice folks & a class act...on their own dime too!
    & thats my 2 cents.

  6. I think Neff needs to win. Maybe your "juju" will work for him! LOL!!!
    Cory Mac for TF too

  7. I want Cruz Pedregon to win!!!
    from Tommy

  8. Tony and the Q car are going to own it this weekend. No question. Its Tonys weekend.

  9. Well I am a big Q fan. I just love love love that Tony Pedregon! So my vote of course would be Tony Pedregon! Question is I wonder what paint scheme he will be sporting this weekend!
    Monica/NHRAGAL =)

  10. I want the Nitro a gogo car to win! The Diehls are super cool!!!
    Go Nitro!!!

    Stacy P

  11. Well for me of course its my team ANY OF THE JOHN FORCE RACING TEAM CAN TAKE IT!


  12. Capps gets my vote for sure...go NAPA boys!!!


  13. Ashley has to win!!! Girl Power!!!

  14. I'm with Tommy...I want Cruz to win!!
    Have a fantastic day!!

  15. Ashley Of Course!!!!

  16. Is this Capps last sason?? If so then I ant him to win and o out with a bang! Plus he i hilarious!

  17. Capps for another win! He's having an overdue great year and your right his commercials are freaking hilarious!

  18. i vote for ashley force hood! love that girl!


  19. Anyone with juju deserves to win, so it's gotta be Neff

  20. Ashley Force Hood for the win! She needs to show those guys who's boss!


  21. Neff's gonna take it!

    -Tommy K.

  22. I'm in this Fantasy Motorsports League & I've got Ashley Force Hood pegged for the Sonoma event. Have a great weekend!

  23. Capps Capps Capps!! And please keep us laughing!!!

  24. If Mike Dunn were still racing I would vote for him! Since he is not Girl Power!!! Ashley Force Hood!

    Deborah Brighton

  25. He did you know there is a comedy club named Capps City Comedy Club? LOL If Capps doesn't win he could go into stand up!

  26. Nitro A Go Go!!! Great name and great people! In this economy anyone who risks their own cash to keep this great sport going, that's dedication and pure love!!

    Amy B

  27. Franco Munoz says:

    Viva La Vida Nitro A GO GO!!!!

  28. Ashley Force Hood is the bomb, she rocks!!!!! I hope she wins!!! she gives me the HORN and so do you.

  29. I vote for funny man Capps. He is great !!!!!!

  30. Go the Cruz meister!!! he must win he is the MAN

  31. Hey sugar! We polled the tour bus - you got 4 Ashleys, 3 Fast Jacks and 1 Hagan

    When you coming to see us pretty girl?

    From your favorite Nashvegans

  32. hey corinna b!


    she rocks.

  33. Hey - wheres the Wilkie love people? Everyone loved him last year!
    Tim Wilkerson. Win win win buddy!

    Bill Preston
    Cleveland Ohio

  34. Ashley is so overdue for a win!
    Ashley Force Hood we want you to win this weekend!!!

    Brittany P
    Alexis W
    Melissa G
    Suzy-Ann T
    The girls from San Jose


    P.S Corinna B rocks!!!!!

  35. a Tony and Asley final, with Ashley cleaning it up!!!
    Come on Ashley! Its your win!!!!!!!

    Cassie Williams
    Cape Town, South Africa