Wednesday, September 28, 2016

5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Travels

Right now I'm in Italy leading another group of ladies on their Glam Italia Tour. 
Are you following along on Instagram?? Check the trip out and follow me @Corinnamakeup. Today we are back in Rome, the eternal city (and my imaginary second home!)
I'm going to pot some of the goings on when I get back home, but in the meantime I found this fabulous post on Bloglovin to keep you in the traveler frame of mind.
And by the way this article is my absolute travel mantra! These are the 5 principals I live by when I'm traveling. This article was written by Darje Karstens

Image via Park & Cube. (Seriously check the link and look at the beautiful post it's from!)

Go Solo

Being alone for a while gives you a chance to take control of your trip and experience a whole new level of self consciousness. You might first think you need some company, but after a while you'll learn that just yourself is enough. By experiencing new things on your own, you'll grow and become more open-minded.

Interact With Locals

Talking to strangers might be a challenge for some people, but on vacation you have so many more reasons to start a conversation. Ask questions about your destination, food, customs, and everything else you're curious about.

Get Involved

This means saying yes to new opportunities and keeping your eyes open for great things happening around you. Do not wait until things happen to you, make them happen; go to a club, a restaurant alone, or ask others for their plans for the evening – you might even make some friends along the way!

Allianz Travel Insurance

Walk Everywhere

You may never leave your comfort zone if you fear finding a way by yourself. By foot, you will pass tons of places you wouldn't have seen by train or cab. Make the most of your trip and get your daily steps in the process!

Communicate In The Local Language

Even if you only know basic words in the local language, at least try to order your food, ask for directions, or even do your own bartering. If you're not good at it, you'll at least have some laughs with the communicating partner – maybe he or she will even teach you some new vocabulary!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Victoria Beckham's Letter To Her 18 Year Old Self

I just love Victoria Beckham.
She is super successful in her own right, was successful before she met her gorgeous husband, is clearly a fabulous parent, seems to be raising great kids ~ she's got it all.

I found this article on Career Girl Daily. Read it, share it with your daughters, be kind to yourself.

Why You Need To Read Victoria Beckham’s Open Letter Right Now

by Beth at Career Girl Daily

Victoria Beckham was Vogue’s cover star for the October issue, and she looks amazing. We often look to her as an example of a woman who’s got her shit together, she never seems to have insecurities, she dresses immaculately, is an amazing business woman and has a great and supportive family. But we know that things aren’t always as effortless as they seem.
Victoria penned an open letter to her 18-year-old self, and it’s amazing. It’s so inspiring to see a powerful woman allowing herself to be young, to make mistakes, to have fun. To get drunk and meet her soul mate, and reflect on it.

“You are not the prettiest, or the thinnest, or the best at dancing at the Laine Theatre Arts college. You have never properly fitted in, although you are sharing your Surrey school digs with really nice girls. You have bad acne. You think the principal has put you at the back of the end-of-year show (in a humiliatingly bright purple Lycra leotard) because you are too plump to go at the front. (This may or may not be true.)”
She writes to herself with an openness and authenticity we can all relate to. Who hasn’t looked back and wanted to give ourselves a good talking to? It’s true that many of us suffer with insecurities and anxieties that in ten years time will have melted away.
“You will turn up at awards ceremonies resembling a drag queen. But I look back at you and smile. It will add interest to your life to go from one extreme to another. I love the fact that you will feel free to express yourself. Fashion will take on added stature one day, but try not to be stifled by it. You will learn, as you mature, to swap heels for Stan Smith trainers, minidresses for crisp white shirts. And you will never be one of those people who just roll out of bed.”
It’s actually really sweet to see Victoria look back on her younger self and smile, people criticized her for the way she dressed but she was free to express herself and didn’t mind. And even though Victoria learned with age what works and what is chic, she doesn’t regret the crazy choices she made.
Finally, on her relationship with David Beckham, she says:
“Love at first sight does exist. It will happen to you in the Manchester United players’ lounge – although you will get a little drunk, so exact details are hazy. While the other football players stand at the bar drinking with their mates, you will see David standing aside with his family. (He’s not even in the first team at this stage – you are the famous one.) And he has such a cute smile. You, too, are close to your family, and you will think how similar he feels to you. He’s going to ask for your number. (He still has the London-to-Manchester plane ticket on which you wrote it.)”
victoria beckham wedding photo
Victoria Beckham Wedding Day

That little detail is so cute. And it’s true that we don’t know what’s going to happen in our future, or what we will look back on when we’re older and want to tell our younger selves about. I personally think this letter is really inspiring. It shows just how far Victoria has come, and how she has made peace with her younger self. We should all write letters to our 18-year-old selves. I think the results would be enlightening.
Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Limited

Monday, September 26, 2016

The Tom Ford Coffee Table Book

I love Tom Ford.

Apart from the fact that he has to be one of the sexiest men on earth he is also one of the greatest
designers of my generation.

His years at the helm of Gucci increased the luxury conglomerate's revenue tenfold. He took the company from an accessories brand to one of the sexiest labels in the world.

Image result for tom ford rizzoli

Every Christmas I get a new coffee table book. I love spending Christmas afternoon paging through my new giant fashion tome.
This year I want to add the Tom Ford book to my collection.

This book is the complete catalog of his designwork for both Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent from 1994 to 2004. It not only explores his clothing designs but also his vision for the complete design for the brand, the advertising, the stores, the architecture
It's brilliant, and shows what a brilliant mind Ford is.

There are more than 200 images from photographers including Herb Ritts, Helmut Newton, Steven Meisel, Mario Testino, Richard Avedon and others. This giant, beautiful book was published to coincide with his departure from Gucci back in 2004.

Image result for tom ford rizzoli

You can find the Tom Ford book on Amazon.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Delicious Fruit Infused Water Recipes via Tanesha Awasthi

I hate to admit it, but for the most part I really don't enjoy drinking plain water. I drink water all day long, but I generally have to doctor it up one way or another to make it palatable.

I found this next story while cruising around on Bloglovin. It's from the website Tanesha Awasthi.
The recipes look fabulous and I'm planning on making them all.

image via TaneshaAwasthi,com

Fruit Infused Water Recipes

by Tanesha Awasthi

Before I gave up caffeine in my teens, I rarely drank water.  
If pepsi wasn’t available I’d drink 2% milk- preferably ice cold, no matter what time of day it was! The only time I reached for a water bottle was on the soccer field (I played forward, defender and goalie for years!) but as soon as I got home it was pepsi or milk.
After suffering extreme headaches, which my doctor concluded were a result of caffeine withdrawals, I started paying attention to how terrible I felt every day at the same time of day. With nothing to lose, I cut out caffeine at eighteen, minimized my milk intake and discovered the importance of water. It’s been my drink of choice for seventeen years now (in addition to the occasional Sprite, thanks to indigestion during my pregnancy and a craving for sparkling lime that never completely went away)! But while water is refreshing on its own, I like to switch things up a bit sometimes by infusing it with fruits and herbs, especially when I can’t bring myself to drink enough.
If you’re guilty of not drinking enough water throughout the day, remember that water flushes out toxins and is key for healthy, glowing skin. The importance of daily water intake is often overlooked, and the fact that it isn’t as exciting to most as coffee, tea or soda, drinking enough is really hard for most people, although it makes a huge difference in how you feel and your overall health.



Here are 4 of my favorite fruit infused water recipes:
Strawberry + Basil | 12 sliced strawberries, a handful of fresh basil leaves, 10 cups of water and 4 cups of ice.
Watermelon, Mint + Cucumber | 1.5 cups of sliced watermelon, 10 cucumber slices, a handful of fresh mint leaves, 10 cups of water and 4 cups of ice. 
Orange + Cranberry | 4 sliced oranges, a handful of cranberries, 10 cups of water and 4 cups of ice.
Strawberry, Cucumber, Lime + Mint | 8 sliced strawberries, 8 cucumber slices, 6 lime slices, handful of mint, 10 cups of water and 4 cups of ice.
Each recipe makes approximately 1 gallon. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before drinking, in order to bring out the flavors.
Tanesha Awasthi, 4 fruit infused water recipes.

All images in this post are via

The Container Store

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Stranded After The Istanbul Terror Attack ~ What One Traveler Learned

It could happen.
You could find yourself in an airport when a terror attack happens. 
Or when severe weather grounds you somewhere, when there is an act of God, when war breaks out, when a quarantine happens - there are multiple events that could put you in the same situation (or at least similar) to the writer of this article, Carmen Dumitrescu.

One of my clients got married here in Phoenix and flew to Egypt for her honeymoon. While the newlyweds were en route to the trip of a lifetime, with pyramids, camel rides and immersion in a history as old as time, the revolution broke out. They arrived to absolute mayhem, and can no doubt relate to the following story.

If you ever get on a plane to anywhere, be it domestic or international, you should read this article. (via

Stranded After the Istanbul Terror Attack: What I Learned

Carmen Dumitrescu was in transit between Romania and Bangkok when she landed at Istanbul Ataturk Airport in Turkey just after the June 28 terrorist attack. This is her story, and the ways it has changed how she’ll travel from now on.

Carry Extra Necessities

“As we landed at the airport,” Dumitrescu says, “people started turning on their phones. There [was] this murmur from the passengers. The woman next to me said, ‘There’s been an attack.’ Meanwhile, [our] plane was just circling the runway. We were told by Turkish Air that they were having ‘operational difficulties’ and that we’d be on the runway for a while. Flight attendants served beverages and people started streaming the news to figure out what was happening outside the plane.

“I fell asleep with my glasses next to me. After about three hours, they rushed us off the plane, and in my grogginess left my glasses at my seat. It made everything that happened next much harder.”

Use Luggage That’s Easy to Carry

“I got off and saw all the luggage on the tarmac and just two staff members who told us to identify and take our luggage into the transit area. Those were the last staff members we saw.
“We went inside and found that all the elevators and escalators were shut down. People everywhere were struggling under the weight of luggage. The stairways were narrow, and people were asking for help. There was an announcement on repeat that said: ‘Please head to your departure lounge.’ But everything had been sealed and there was no staff. And to get to the departure lounge you had to go through immigration, which was cordoned off and the glass doors were locked.”

Travel Rested and Don’t Drink

“I looked around and saw a kind of post-apocalyptic scene, the kind when a place is full of people who are stuck.  There was garbage all over the ground. It was so incredibly crowded. There was no ventilation, and people were smoking in non-smoking areas. A lot of people were disabled but didn’t have wheelchairs because there was no staff to take care of people. The toilets were wrecked—I couldn’t even get in there.
“More and more people kept coming off planes, and the transfer area got more and more crowded. It was thousands of people, body to body. There weren’t enough seats, so people just stood, and some groups claimed entire areas to sleep or sit down on the ground. There were a lot of people walking aimlessly because there was nowhere to sit.
“Everyone was trying to figure out what was going on, but there was no one to ask—no airport or airline staff. I wish I had been better rested. The fact that I was so tired made me confused and not as alert as I needed to be. But I was glad I hadn’t been drinking on the plane—I would have been even more disoriented and thirsty, which would have been disastrous. I needed to be able to think clearly.”

Travel with Food and Water

“Everything was loud—people were yelling and children were crying. It was really hot, and there was no ventilation, and no water. No information. Things kept getting more intense because there was no one there giving information, no ‘Stay calm, you will be rebooked.’
“There was no food or water for sale anywhere, and I had no water and hadn’t eaten for many hours. I got lightheaded, and said to myself, ‘Just lie down and you’ll figure it out.’ I found a small free space and passed out on my bag. I will always make sure to have water and something to nosh on for my whole journey from now on.”

Always Have Enough Data Roaming

“I had topped up my roaming plan before I left, but not enough. When I first arrived in the transit area, I saw I had a message from my husband. I texted back to say, ‘I’m stuck here, I’m going to try to exit the airport. Can you get me a hotel?’ I had started to think about what if there was another attack. But at that point, all of us were still trapped.
“A few minutes later, my husband sent me the name of the hotel. And then my roaming was blown, all gone in a few minutes.
“In the airport there were signs that said Wi-Fi was available, but in order to sign up, you needed a Turkish phone number, so couldn’t use it. My husband had been trying to call me for hours, but I had no credit, and without getting on Wi-Fi I had no way to top up. I could just see dozens of missed calls but no way to respond.
“From now on, I’m going to make sure to have a lot more roaming on my phone. And I’ll know the roaming rates for where I’m going so I can be sure to have enough.”

Carry Multiple Forms of Currency

“It had been about seven hours since I landed at this point. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get another flight out for a while, I so started waiting in a line to get an exit visa. There were five machines issuing visas but all of them were broken except for one. The line was hours and hundreds of people long, but people kept cutting so the line never got shorter. I gave up when I saw people running to immigration, because one immigration officer [had gone] to a desk, and one Turkish Airline person came out and started screaming, ‘You have to get out! Get in line and there will be buses to take you to the city.’
“I got in line and made it to the desk, but they looked at my passport and told me I needed a visa.  The line was still so long there was no possible way to get a visa using this machine. Somebody told me that the transfer line was open and were issuing tickets, but I had my bag and there was no way to check it back in.
“A visa officer eventually showed up and a bunch of people (including me) went there. There was a lot of frustration, screaming and banging, because they were only taking euros, dollars, and pounds, not local currency. But they were still announcing that people needed to exit. So people were trapped but being told to leave—if you didn’t have the right currency, you couldn’t get out.
“Before I left for my trip, my husband had given me 40 Scottish pounds. I ended up standing near two British women who were traveling to Thailand, and they offered to trade my Scottish pounds for British pounds. I thanked them and ran back to the visa line with my British pounds. Within 20 minutes I was out.”

300 x 250: Evergreen - Travel Delays

Have a Contingency Plan, Even in the Places You Transfer Through

“I got out of the transfer area at about 6:30 in the morning. I went through immigration and down a narrow hallway, and then came out at the bomb site. They had boarded up a lot of it and there was a construction crew. Someone was yelling ‘No photography! Just keep walking.’
“They had sealed most of the doors to get out, and there was no staff to tell you how to exit the airport. I walked up and down the airport looking for any door that would open. I went upstairs to the departures level and found a random door that opened; outside there were no vans or buses, just a few people waiting and one or two taxis. I got in a taxi, and as we were driving away, saw hundreds of people sleeping with their bags on a grassy area right in front of the airport.
“Now I know I should contact someone local in advance and have a contingency plan—at least a hotel name and number or a person who knows I’m coming through. Maybe make note of a hotel that would be close enough to walk to or have the phone number of a taxi company on hand.”

Carry a Well-Stocked Carry-On (with a Charger)

“Looking back, I think: ‘What if my bag had transited without me?’ I would have had nothing. I ended up needing to stay in Istanbul from Tuesday to Friday. From now on, I’ll make sure to carry on any supplies I need as well as weather-appropriate gear for the transit city.
“I’m so glad I happened to have my phone charger and an extra charge, which meant I was able to keep my phone charged the whole time.”

Enlist Help Rebooking

“I landed in Istanbul on Tuesday night and couldn’t get out until Friday. Once I was in the hotel and had Wi-Fi, I called Turkish Airlines to rebook. No one answered. I had booked through Expedia, which was good, because it will do some of the dirty work for you. An Expedia agent called the airline on my behalf and told them I was stuck and needed a flight out.
“I was on the phone with Expedia for six hours straight. I was exhausted, so I put the phone on speaker, lay down on bed, and stayed on hold. I fell asleep for part of it, and every so often they would check in with me and say, ‘We’re still trying to get ahold of Turkish.’ At one point the phone got disconnected, but they called me back. The only available flight was on Friday night so I took it.”

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

5 Steps To Cleaning Out Your Closet For Fall

I hate the end of summer.
I hold on to every last minute of the sunny season, drag out abandoning sundresses and sandals, and only make the transition to spring when I absolutely have to. (kicking and screaming).

And , of course, its kicking and screaming time.

Last night I was scrolling through one of my favorite websites, 
The Zoe Report, and found this article written by Amy Lee.
It meets both my closet cleaning / organizing / fall transitioning needs and my closet inspo needs. 
I really need a closet overhaul. One of these days I need to get a closet company to come out and redesign the space, but for now I'll just add these pics to my secret Pinterest closet board, and head over to The Container Store and pick up some storage solutions for the sundresses that won't see the light of day for another 7 or 8 months....

5 Steps To Cleaning Out Your Closet For Fall

by Amy Lee

Fall is coming! While adding new pieces to your repertoire is a must, it’s crucial to first clean out and reorganize your closet, taking stock of classic pieces from past seasons and stowing away current summery staples for next year. Ahead, five easy steps to follow for a well-edited wardrobe ready to take on chillier days ahead.

White Closet Cleanout

1. Donate or Toss Your Summer Pieces

Start by narrowing down your warm-weather wares. Pull out your summer items and create three piles: keep, donate/sell, toss. If it's a transitional piece you can wear into fall or it's something you'll wear next year, keep it. If it's fast fashion that you feel has been exhausted or you haven't worn it in the past three months, throw it into the donate/sell pile and take it to a charity or consignment store (check out our tips for consigning here). If it's raggedy or in otherwise poor condition, toss it.


2. Store Non-Transitional Summer Items

From the keep pile, separate your summer-only pieces from your transitional ones and store them away. For example, cropped off-the-shoulder tops, denim cutoffs, pom-pom sandals and straw hats won't work once September hits. Anything that blatantly screams exotic vacation, put away.

Wardrobe Rack Closet Cleanout

3. Bring Out Fall-Centric Pieces

Move fall items such as jackets, long-sleeve blouses, scarves and ankle boots out of storage. You want to replace billowy, breezy silhouettes with more polished shapes, and add back layering accessories for chillier days. It's important to do this now so they're top of mind and you can start incorporating them into your ensembles as you transition.
Bags and Clothes Closet Cleanout

4. Organize By Priority

It's now time to organize by importance and accessibility. Keep basics such as white T-shirts and tanks at the front to create a foundation. Then, add in the summery transitional pieces you can still wear into fall (you'll store them as the weather gets colder later on). True fall pieces should follow, in the order from lightest to heaviest weight, starting with thin knits and polished tops and ending with jackets and coats.

All-Purpose Cleaner Duster Baskets Closet-Cleanout

5. Clean Your Closet And Drawers

Get your disinfectant spray and duster out to clean surfaces, mirrors and drawers. Not only will it feel tidier, it'll also help clothes and accessories stay in better condition. Don't forget to fold everything neatly to prevent wrinkles, and use storage containers to create sections if needed.

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Dangers Of Buying Counterfeit Beauty Products


The concept of buying makeup for cheap, the thought of getting one over on the expensive line that you think is ripping you off with their high prices, or maybe just the idea that you are getting a smoking deal can be all you need to get you clicking the button and buying those bargain priced beauty products.

image via Lipstains and
I often see makeup enthusiasts online posting "dupes" - cheap copies of popular brand products and I have to tell you it drives me crazy. Not just because some super cool brand who have created a quality product are being ripped off, but also because unsuspecting consumers are buying very poor quality, often toxic beauty products and running all kinds of risks.

I have seen some horrendous skin reactions to cheap, made in China makeup products over the years. Believe me you would never, ever want that to happen to you.
Counterfeit beauty products frequently contain dangerous levels of ingredients such as arsenic, lead, and copper, and even have been found to contain urine and rat droppings. Don't believe me?
Check out this article from Huffington Post Canada:

Counterfeit Makeup: The Dangers Of Buying Knockoff Beauty Products

by Julianna McDermott

You may want to think twice about skimping on your cosmetics.
When you find deals online on some of your fave beauty and skincare lines, such as MAC or NARS, it’s likely too good to be true -- they’re knockoffs.

Now you may be wondering, “What’s the big deal? People buy knockoff shades, purses and clothing all the time!”
Well, just remember those counterfeit cosmetics go on your skin, and what goes on your skin gets absorbed into your body. And as it turns out, those counterfeit cosmetics contain some harmful and DISGUSTING ingredients.

report released by the City of London Police that is aiming to raise awareness about the dangers of purchasing fake beauty products online, revealed that some fake eyeliners, mascaras, lip glosses and foundations are laced with arsenic, mercury, lead and even -- wait for it -- RAT DROPPINGS!
And that counterfeit perfume? It was found to contain cyanide and human urine. Applying these harmful products on your skin can lead to allergic reactions, burns, irritation, rashes and long-term health problems.
perfume factory
inside a counterfeit perfume factory
Now how does rat excrement and poisonous substances end up inside these phony cosmetics? They’re manufactured in unregulated and unsanitary factories, and are not subject to rigorous safety tests.
Other fake beauty products the report warns against include fake sunscreens that won't protect you from UVs, and electronic devices such as hair straighteners that can overheat.
The RCMP has also warned Canadians about the dangers of purchasing counterfeit beauty, skincare and other health products in the past. A woman was even hospitalized after having a serious allergic reaction to a MAC product she purchased at a flea market in Mississauga.
According to the report, UK consumers spend about £90 million (about $172 million CAD) on fake products every year. City of London police said more than 5,500 websites selling fake luxury products have been suspended, and more than £3.5 million ($6.65 million CAD) in fake items seized.

counterfeit makeup
counterfeit cosmetics seized by PICPU

To guarantee you don’t end up with counterfeit cosmetics and smearing hazardous chemicals and rat poop on your face, your best bet is to purchase products from reputable stores or from the manufacturer's website.

Not horrified enough yet? Check out this story from the Daily Mail

Could you tell the difference? One of these bad gal lash mascara's by Benefit cosmetics is genuine and the other, bought online, is a counterfeit containing dangerous levels of arsenic
One of these mascaras from Benefit is genuine. The other,  bought online, is a counterfeit containg dangerous levels of arsenic.
Want to see some really disturbing images of what can happen to your face if you use counterfeit beauty products? Check out this post from Lipstains and Lace

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