Sunday, June 19, 2016

How To Pack For An International Trip

I always read about people who pack an entire month's worth of travel into a carry-on bag, and although part of me is impressed with how clever that is the rest of me is horrified at the thought of wearing the same thing over and over!
When people tell me they pack one black dress and the next day wear it with a blue scarf and hey presto! a whole new outfit! I always just think "no, you are wearing the same now dirty black dress with a blue scarf. No difference."

I actually do work relatively hard to have items that mix and match and create lots of different outfits, based on a neutral palette, but that also bores me silly. There is this part of me that thinks a trip overseas is a major deal, and therefore I want to wear clothes that I love and feel happy in. And for me that tends to be bright colors that don't necessarily mix and match. So how I pack everything becomes a little more important because even though I wear everything I take with me,  by most people's standards it's too much.

Buy a really good suitcase. 

I am clearly not a backpack or duffle girl, although when I first started traveling I would happily have been.
A couple of years ago I changed suitcases and bought a 25 inch Samsonite suitcase.
When you are shopping for suitcases look at the construction over all else. The shops are full of super lightweight cases, but most will crush if a heavy bag lands on them, which means anything breakable you have inside, will break. My Samsonite is relatively lightweight, but super sturdy. Find a Samsonite like mine on sale  here and similar suitcases on sale at The Container Store here.

Don't buy black.

When you are standing at the baggage carousel after 10 hours flying and you are exhausted, watch how many black suitcases go swirling by you. They all look the same, which makes it easy for another weary traveler to pick up yours and head out into the world with it.
I bought a red suitcase, last year one of my travelers brought an orange one. They were easy to spot, and there were very few circling by us in the same colors.

Allianz Travel Insurance

Get 360 degree wheels.

Sooooo crucial! The difference in maneuverability is incredible, and the decrease in stress on your back is worth its weight in gold!
This is another reason to buy a quality case though, because you want wheels that stay on and don't break when your suitcase is being thown around by baggage handlers.
I found plenty of cool looking, chic cases that had flimsy looking wheels or cheap plastic wheels. Samsonite stands by their product and repairs any breakages, so should I have one at least they will fix it. My red suitcase has done multiple trans-world trips and so far nothing has broken.

Size matters.

I really can't do anything smaller than a 25 inch case, but I definitely won't go any bigger. I have friends that travel with a 23 inch, but that is too small for me. Always keep in mind how you are going to get your bag on and off the baggage carousel, and how you are getting it to and from where you are going. The bigger the bag, the more you will fill it.

Don't use a hard case carry on bag.

This may sound odd. For years I used a hard-sided rolling carry-on bag. It was genius in the airport, right up until I got my suitcase off the carousel, at which point it was hell. Especially traveling in Europe where you are getting on and off trains, maneuvering along cobble stoned streets, and climbing stairs to get to your apartment.
I now use a soft carry-on, and as soon as I have my suitcase at baggage claim I put the carry-on inside it, leaving me with just one suitcase and my handbag. Frankly it is one of my best travel hacks ever!

Our Travel Sale is taking off!  We have first class travel items at coach prices.  Take advantage of up to 20% off select Travel items!

Roll your clothing.

My mother is a world traveler, and is super chic. She told me years ago to roll my clothes when I pack them to stop creasing and to maximize space. It took me a while to get on board with it, but now I roll all my clothes.

Use packing cubes.

This is the best thing ever, especially if you need clothes for different occasions and climates. I use the Eagle Creek packing cubes, and I have them in a variety of sizes. I compartmentalize clothes for different parts of each trip, or breakdown clothes into categories and have one cube for lingerie and swimwear, another for T-shirts and tanks, another for skirts and sundresses - you get the picture. It makes travel so much easier. 
I also have a small cube that I use for all my chargers and electronic gadgetry. I always know where everything is, and I never have to rifle through a suitcase to find anything.
I always pack a cube with three days worth of outfits and necessities in case my suitcase doesn't arrive with me. Again it keeps everything super organized.

I bought my Eagle Creek packing cubes at The Container Store.

FYI The Container Store has a travel sale on right now, which would have been perfect timing for me, except that I already have everything. Except for maybe one of these Tab Messenger Seat Back Organizers. They look pretty cool.

The Container Store

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Friday, June 17, 2016

18 Ways To Wear A Pony This Summer


A ponytail is the perfect accessory for summer. Be it sleek or soft, worn high or slung low, you really just can't go wrong with a summer pony!
You can dress it up, simmer it down, wear it to the beach or wear it to a ball. I love the summer ponytail!

I found this article on, and there is a link to the original at the bottom of this post.

18 Ways To Wear A Ponytail This Summer

Olivia Wilde bubble pony

Mara Rooney slick pony

Katy Perry

Nicki Minaj



Rosie slick pony
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Zoe Kravitz



Ariana Grande

Kerry Washington





Priyanks Chopra

Read the original story here


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

When I Win The Lottery I Wil l Move To Rome

When I win the lottery, and I am convinced that I will, 
I will move to Rome.


I will find myself un attico con terrazzo - an attic apartment with a little garden terrace, in my favorite neighborhood, the Trastevere and I will spend my days studying history and art.
I will lead a simple life full of great wine, bold coffee and easy travel. 

If money were never to be an issue again, if you could live any life you wanted, what would you do and where would you go?

Monday, June 13, 2016

8 Ways To Save On Summer Travel

Have you booked your summer travel yet?
Maybe you've just decided to try and getaway and are worried that everything will be too expensive now?
I found this article on how to save on summer travel on Airfare Watchdog

8 Ways to Save on Summer Travel

The summer travel season is here and we've found that more and more travelers plan to hit the skies this year. In an effort to help you get the best value from your vacation, we've put together a list of our top money-saving tips for summer travel.
  1. Avoid ‘peak’ summer travel. Summer doesn’t officially end until well after Labor Day. Since school starts earlier and earlier these days, you’ll find that airfares and hotel rates tend to go down for travel after around August 18, when kids go start to return to school. So plan your travels for “off-peak summer” if you can.
  2. Look into low-season destinations. Check out some of the not-as-popular summer destinations that still offer great activities and good weather. Since thousands of tourists won’t be flocking to those locations, prices for hotels, transportation, and everyday activities will be lower. Plus, crowds will be much smaller.
  3. Use a flexible search to find better deals. When planning your travel, try to be as flexible as possible with your departure and arrival dates. That way, you can take advantage of flexible travel date airfare searches. If you can flex your travel dates slightly, and don’t need to travel on specific date, you can take advantage of huge savings, sometimes simply by booking a day or two earlier or later. Some of our favorite flexible search tools include those of JetBlue,Southwest, and United for airlines, along with Google Flights and Kayak.
  4. For European travel, focus first on crossing the Atlantic cheaply. At this point, it’s no secret that fares to Europe are at historic lows, and the euro has dropped considerably, both of which make for cheaper travel within the continent. However, some cities may still be pricier than others, so to get the best deal you may have to fly into a nearby airport and then travel city-to-city by plane or train. Check out some of our favorite smaller airlines, such asNorwegianCondor, and Wow Air, where you’ll find great deals within Europe. While you might have to spend some extra time getting to your actual destination, you’ll save money while touring two cities for less than the price of one. For example, while round-trip fares to Vienna may be about $1,200, you could instead fly into Milan for under $700 (thanks to US and European carriers trying to keep pace with low fares from Emirates). A flight or overnight train ticket from Milan to Vienna is fairly inexpensive and the savings certainly add up!
  5. Check out your options with frequent flyer miles. When researching flights, see if it makes sense to cash in reward miles with any of your frequent flyer programs. In certain situations, you might have better luck calling the airline’s reservation center and speaking directly with a booking agent.
  6. Do your research before booking an air + hotel travel package. While the package deals for airfare and hotels stays seem promising, sometimes they are significantly overpriced. Before whipping out your credit card and snagging that “great package deal,” search airfare and hotel prices on their own. That way, you’ll get a feel for what the prices are when they are separate and you’ll know if you’re actually saving money by booking a package. For example, British Airlines often has package deals for airfare and five nights in London for far less than the cost of the flight alone. In these scenarios, the package deal is a definite a no-brainer!
  7. Check to see if your credit card offers travel insurance. Many travelers purchase travel insurance without first checking to see if their credit card offers any coverage. The credit card you use on a daily basis might already offer you enough insurance to cover your trip. Our favorites are the Chase Sapphire card, United Explorer card, and some Citibank AAdvantage cards, which all offer superb insurance protection.
  8. After you book, check for airfare and hotel price drops. Airfare and hotel prices fluctuate on a daily basis. It’s a total bummer when you’ve paid for a hotel or flight and find out that someone else paid less. If you stay on top of it and check for price drops after you book, however, you might still be able to save some money. You can either get cash or a credit for future travel if you know how the system works. For example, Tingo will give you your money back if the price of your hotel room drops after you book.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Explore. Dream. Discover. Capri.

20 years from now
you will be more disappointed
by the things you didn't do
than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore. Dream. Discover

~ Mark Twain


Today the Glam Italia Tour is in Capri.
Check out some of the things we will be doing here

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Travel Scams To Watch Out For This Summer


I don't just love to travel - I live to travel.

Traveling the world is fun and fabulous, there is always so much to discover!
If you are traveling this summer you need to be aware of some of the scams that are floating around and keep yourself protected.

Travel Scams To Watch Out For


If you've traveled internationally lately you will already know just how maniacally expensive data is. My cell carrier, Verizon, charges $25 for every 100 MB. It's crazy, especially with our lives functioning around our smartphones. When you travel you tend to use your pocket sized portable mini-computer all the time - googling facts about what you're seeing, searching for a great seafood restaurant nearby, downloading driving directions, watching the 30 second video you just took - it's constant. 
100 MB doesn't go far, so you need to use Wifi as much as possible, but it comes with certain risks.

image via

The latest wifi scam involves free wifi. Maybe you are in an airport, a hotel lobby, a public square, maybe you are in a coffee shop, and bingo - you find free wifi. You quickly log on to facebook, upload photos, check your email, and please no, check your bank account before heading off on your way. Public wifi is not secure at the best of times, it is well known to be an easy hack.

One of the current scams involves hackers setting up free wifi hotspots and targeting your personal information, your private photos, your social security number, your mobile banking, your insurance information, your credit cards, you name it.

Hackers use both SSL decryption to capture your personal information, and SSL stripping to downgrade secure domains and gain access to your passwords and payment information. No matter how tech-savvy you are, assume they are a step ahead of you, because they probably are.

Airport ATM Machines

Travelex ATM Hong Kong airport

The first thing you need to know about changing currency at the airport is that you are going to get the absolute worst exchange rate. They know they've got you - either you are arriving and need local currency or you are leaving and want to unload it, so they can make the exchange rate as terrible as they want. 

If you are using the ATM machine at the airport be super savvy. Many international airports are no longer using ATMs operated by large national and international banks, instead opting for ATM machines run by companies such as Travelex. 
Retail foreign exchange companies have the monopoly on airport ATMs. They pay big fees to the airport and recoup that money plus more from you, the unsuspecting and weary traveler.

They advertise 'free withdrawals', so you think you are backing a winner when in fact they are killing you with their exchange rate.
I was just reading that travelers are losing more than 10% with the exchange rate these ATMs give.
You are better off to buy foreign currency from your bank at home before you leave, and then use bank ATM machines inside banks at your destination. If you have to use the ATM at the airport, only pull out what you absolutely need to get you from the airport to your hotel.

(Traveling through Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport? Phoenix has the highest out of network ATM fees. Check it out here at Phoenix's

RFID Credit Card Readers.

This is not just a problem when you are traveling, it is a huge problem domestically too.
For as little as $50 a hacker can buy a cell phone sized card reader that will wirelessly read the information on the magnetic strip on your credit or debit card, through your wallet, hangbag or pocket.
The reader will pick up your card number, expiration date and CCV code and then seemlessly transfer that information to a $300 magnetizing tool which encodes that info onto a new card. 

Both domestically and when you travel you should keep all of your credit and debit cards inside RFID blocking sleeves in your wallet, or RFID blocking wallet. Your passport information is readable too, so you can now get RFID blocking passport sleeves that protect the information digitally stored in your passport. All of these are available at The Container Store

Check out this article on about RFID hacking

The Container Store

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Are you embracing your inner nomad?
Today on the Glam Italia Tour we are leaving Tuscany and heading to Rome, exploring this magical world.
Follow us on Instagram @Corinnamakeup

Lago Maggiore, Italy
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