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5 Things Women With Perfect Skin Always Do

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5 Things Women With Perfect Skin Always Do

We all know them – women with perfect, gorgeous, flawless skin.
They all live in different places and use different skin care products, so the answer isn’t a magic serum or lotion or potion. (Although I swear by all the lotions and potions that I use, and won’t trade in a single one of them!)

There are 5 things that women with perfect skin all do, and that no matter which skin care products you are using, if you’re not doing these 5 things you won’t make it to skin care perfection.

They Exercise


They all do some form of exercise regularly. (Not necessarily running marathons – you have to be super careful as an outdoor runner to keep your skin and yourself hydrated and to be saturated in facial SPF) Be it yoga or spin class or hiking or going to the gym, girls with perfect skin all move their bodies one way or another.

They Drink Lots Of Water

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You can’t have perfect skin and be dehydrated. It’s a simple equation – great skin needs tons of water. Just for basic good health your body needs 8 glasses of water each day, great skin likes a little more.
Girls with perfect skin tend to shy away from high sugar drinks, avoid sodas, limit coffee and tea and only drink alcohol sparingly.

They Make Sleep A Priority

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Without enough sleep you will never have perfect skin.
JLo, who is famous for her spectacular skin says she gets 10 hours sleep per night. I cannot even imagine what it must feel like to have the kind of support with home and children that enables you to just rack out each night for 10 hours! For those of us that fall into the mere mortal category 8 hours each night is the ideal for good health and for great skin.

They Eat Clean 

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What you put into your body will be reflected on your skin.
Women with perfect skin tend to eat a pretty clean diet, most of the time. The occasional slice of pizza or drive through meal probably doesn’t hurt, but in general these women avoid those foods like the plague, opting instead for diets rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, quality fats (like avocado).

They Use The Right Cleanser

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I can’t stress how important this is! Sensitive skin, dry skin, irritated skin so often are caused and exacerbated by using the wrong formula of cleanser. The wrong cleansers can strip the good oils from the skin, sometimes making the skin desperately make more oil, other times leaving it roughed up and dry. Women with perfect skin use cleansers that dissolve and remove makeup and cleanse away impurities and balance their skin.

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