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Winterize Your Beauty Game ~ Makeup And Lingerie

I love beautiful lingerie, and let's face it - what woman doesn't?

Blue lingerie set from

When you are moving through your day wearing gorgeous underpinnings you walk with more confidence (which is totally sexy) your clothes drape beautifully on your body and you just feel fabulous.

One of my favorite purveyors of intimate apparel is Adore Me.
(Find them at
They have a cool quiz you can take that helps profile your personal lingerie loves, and from there they direct you to styles that work your particular shape, size and style. Its awesome.
You can buy as you go, or you can sign up for a monthly delivery.
And what's not to love about that??

Adore Me has just made 4 fabulous pairings of super sexy lingerie for winter, and the perfect makeup looks to go with them.
They asked me for my product choices to help you create each look.
As you transition your makeup look from fall into winter here are some key makeup items to add to your makeup bag. They will not only look fabulous with these lovely lingerie items, but also with your winter jeans and sweaters, little black dress, business suit, or whatever else you are wearing!

Look 1: Nataleigh Unlined

I am obsessed with this color. The deep cranberry tone of this lovely lacy set is so moody and beautiful!
To create the metallic eye and bold berry mouth start by lining the eye and then smudging the liner to take the harsh edges off. Instead of black, try Charlotte Tilbury Rock' n' Kohl liner in Marlene Midnight. When you have it nice and smudgy go over the eyelid with a soft metallic shadow. Instead of the metallic golds and bronzes we played with over the summer months, give yourself an icier feel with a grey metallic like Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Mysterio. The key is to keep your application light and blend away the edges.
To play up the deep berry hue of this gorgeous set you need a great lip game. My favorite new lip for winter, that looks equally killer with a soft creamy sweater and jeans or with a little black dress is the combination of MAC Lip liner in Beet and the power shade of matte lipstick in All Fired Up. I am wearing this lip every day. 

Look 2: Alicia

This look requires a red lip, which can feel really overwhelming if you don't normally wear red lips. I posted about my favorite red lips for the holidays a couple of weeks ago with a series of bright, bold, in your face red lipsticks, but not everyone wants a red lip that fierce. If you want a red lip that is less fiesty try cult favorite Lipstick Queen semi sheer Medieval. When you want to fire it up and make it bolder just use a bolder lip liner, when you want to keep it more subtle just pat it on with your finger. 

Look 3: Mandy

To pull off this look you need a deep, dark, inky eyeliner. I love Makeup Forever's Ink Liner. It's jet black, and the applicator has a calligraphy tip that lets you apply it with razor sharp precision. 
One of the best ways to offset red - be it red lingerie or a red dress, is with a nude lip. This season I'm loving Tom Ford Lip Color in Blush Nude. This is a great color as it doesn't wash the skin out, its pretty and luxurious and goes with everything in your closet. It plays beautifully with a bright red as well as a scarlet red, like the bra pictured below. Which, by the way, I am also obsessing over.
You can find it on the Adore Me website


The Shopping List:

Makeup Forever Ink Liner
Charlotte Tilbury Rock ' n 'Kohl Eyeliner in Marlene Midnight
Chanel Illusion D'Ombre metallic shimmer eyeshadow in Mysterio
Mac Lip Liner in Beet
MAC Matte lipstick in All Fired Up
Lipstick Queen Medieval
Tom Ford Lip Color in Blush Nude

Check out the Adore Me Holiday Gift Guide in the video below:

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