Wednesday, September 2, 2015

6 Unique And Beautiful Ways To Light Up Your Yard

I love summer.
I never want it to be over.
Which is somewhat handy being that I live in the perennial summer that is Phoenix.
Here you can spend your evenings outdoors basically all year round, so it's fun to have unique and interesting lighting accents in your back yard for last minute cocktail parties, casual evenings with friends, family nights or just a glass of wine and a good book on a rare night spent home alone.

I found this article about backyard lighting on PopSugarWritten by Lisette Mejia

Unique Ways To Light Up Your Yard


As great as they are, sometimes string lights can feel a little, "been there, done that." That's why we've gathered a bunch of completely creative outdoor lighting ideas that you'll want to try ASAP. And if you think you can't have an al fresco shindig because Summer is over, think again — right now is the perfect time because the weather isn't too extreme. Now, who's ready?


How creative is this? Attach small lights from a hanging planter and add corkscrews — we're just warning you now that it'll look funny when all your guests walk around with their heads up.


Just beautiful. These grapevine balls were hung individually after adding string lights. Don't they look like little fireworks?


Ever seen wicker pendant lighting? Combine it with colorful string lights for a setup that works no matter what time of year.

Image Source: Sarah Tew Photography
Nothing's more memorable than Moroccan lanterns lined on the stairs. If you don't want to deal with the hassle of blowing out the candlelight, replace the real deal with battery-operated votives.


Or, you could move the lanterns from the floor to a higher spot by hanging them from tree branches; this makes for an intimate feel.

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