Friday, January 4, 2013

Hothouse Flowers ~ Vogue January 2013

I've been looking at this editorial 
in Vogue's January 2013 issue all morning.
It honestly just has everything.
Carolyn Murphy and Karen Elson by Steven Klein for Vogue Jan 2013

A fabulous take on spring's new,
modern and minimal look,
paired with prints, luxe fabrics and structured shapes.

Photographed by Steven Klein
and styled by arguably the greatest of them all,
with phenominal makeup by Stephane Marais
and magnificent hair by Julien d'Ys,
models Karen Elson and Carolyn Murphy 
cavort through a brilliant and madcap story
of Hothouse Flowers.

I couldn't love it more... 

Karen Elson, Vogue Jan 2013, Hothouse Flowers

Hothouse Flowers Vogue January 2013

Hothouse Flowers, Steven Klein, Vogue January 2013


  1. The images in Vogue's Hothouse Flowers pop visually - especially the extra large stripes and larger than life yellow roses.

    The graphically-kinetic belted coat - over beautifully-clashing skirt combo (in the photo with red car) reminds me of Diana Vreeland's advice... "the eye has to travel". That's a combination that sends my eyes around the world. Love it!

    1. "The eye has to travel..." you soooo get me!! Love it!
      Thank you for checking out the blog and for taking the time to comment ;)