Monday, October 1, 2012

An Homage To Daphne ~ S Magazine by Shinsegae Department Store

This one could have easily been missed,
which is a giant shame, because it truly is spectacular.

Homage to Daphne Guinness, S For Shinsegae Magazine

Korea's S For Shinsegae magazine ran a fantastic
article paying homage to style iconoclast and 
fashion mover Daphne Guinness

Shot by Sebastian Kim and styled by Anthony Unwin,
the story features model Heidi Mount in an edgy yet sophisticated
wardrobe, posing with dinosaur skeletons.
Incredibly Daphne-esque hair by Dennis Devoy
and makeup perfection by Tyron Machhausen

An Homage To Daphne

Heid Mount as Daphne Guinness

An Homage To Daphne, S For Shinsegae Magazine

Heidi Mount for S for Shinsegae Magazine

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