Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Linda Evangelista - Everywhere, Everywhere

Its funny.
I remember the moment back in the 80's
when Linda Evangelista first chopped off her hair.
Everything stopped.
The fashion world went crazy over it.
Her career rocketed into the stratosphere
and never looked back.

To this day I still strive to give my models the "Evangelista jawline"

She is no less spectacular now than she was then.
And this month she is everywhere.

In Interview Russia, September 2012
shot by Daniele and Iango

Linda Evangelista Interview Russia Sept 2012

The magnificent Linda Evangelista by Daniele and Iango

And here she is in Vanity Fair Spain Sept 2012
shot by Norman Jean Roy

Linda Evangelista Vanity Fair Spain

Linda Evangelista by Norman Jean Roy

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