Monday, July 16, 2012

Patrycja Gardygajlo for Pani Magazine

I LOVE this shoot!

I always think that what makes a model really special
isn't having a pretty face or great legs.
The world is full of pretty girls with great bodies.

What makes a model truly amazing
is the story she can tell you with her eyes.
How well she can suck you in 
and make you believe the story she is telling.
Make you believe in every emotion she is selling you.

Model Patrycja Gardygajlo is a perfect example
in this fantastic editorial for 
Poland's Pani Magazine.

Yes she is spectacularly beautiful.
Her body is amazing.
But more importantly in this cool story
shot by Zuza Krajewska and Bartek Wieczorek
she makes you believe.
Every single thing she is saying.

I am also believing in that super cool wig
courtesy of hairstylist Michal Bielecki
and makeup perfection
by Wilson from Warsaw Creatives.

Impeccable styling by Michal Kus.


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