Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Traveling With 3 Fluid Ounces

When you travel, you need to think about condensing the volume of the products that you are packing.
When you are flying the friendly skies
 this becomes essential
as the cost for excess baggage weight has become exorbitant.

If you are taking your bags on board with you
you have to follow the 3 Fluid Ounce rule
(that is: no liquid or cream based products in containers weighing more than 3 fluid ounces.)

I transfer some of my products into travel sized containers,
but most of them I prefer to buy already packaged for me.

There are some really fabulous websites that deal specifically with travel sized items, my favorite of which is

 Not only do they carry an assortment of elite 
skin care and haircare brands including
Ole Henrikson, Oscar Biandi, Dr Haushka and Somme Institute
(there are tons more too)

but they also carry all kinds of fun, random products 
that are perfect for business travel, vacation travel, 
honeymoon travel,
and make fantastically cool and quirky gifts.

I love the fragrance diffusers from Archipelago
(this summer I am traveling with "Santorini" named after the party island)

the Archipelago soy candles  have a 6 hour burn
(I'm taking the Positano candle with me next week).
The shave cream is a must, as is the soy body lotion.


The 21 Drops series is really cool - an assortment of travel packaged essential oils to help you with everything from
 stress to PMS, digestion to pain relief, as well as oils to invigorate you, inspire you and add a little passion.

My favorite new purchase from 3floz.com 
has to be the Help - I Need A Lot Of Help set.

This is a completely brilliant 8 piece set of help remedies, color coded and packaged into slim-fit cases.
It's always ready to travel, and easy to find in your suitcase in the middle of the night. 
Help I have a blister
Help I cut myself
Help I have a headache
Help I cant sleep
Help I have allergies
Help I have a stuffy nose
Help I have chest congestion
and Help I have an aching body

clever non?

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