Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dust Jacket Attic ~ Beautiful Blues

Today's re-posted blog is from
Dust Jacket Attic.

This is another of my favorite blogs, 
always full of inspirational images
and very cool stuff.
And I love that she is Australian...

check out her "About Me"

I live in a white house in the beautiful Australian countryside, along with an Arabian horse (total diva), Rhodesian ridgeback dog (adorable personality) and a British shorthair cat (with attitude)...and my husband! When I need a city hit, it's not too far away, whew!

I really love photography, fashion, interior design, food, travel ... and I hope I curate dustjacket to reflect all that and more ... enjoy

xxx dj

annah Hill

Still in Valentine mode ... this ad campaign for Alannah Hill F/W 2012 range is so soft and feminine with it's pretty pinks & reds. Running around an enormous garden at dusk and throwing yourself into the odd hedge or two...what fun!

There are so many amazing posts on her blog - I really had a hard time choosing just one. I attached another goodie to the link below.
Make sure you click on the link and spend some quality time looking through them...

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