Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jason Wu For Target

I adore Jason Wu.

I love his feminine forms, bows and ribbons.
He masters the pairing of 
girlie and sexy.
Remember the pink feather dress??

  So I was somewhat excited that he was doing a line
for Target. Well, interested anyway.
(I don't really get particularly enthralled with these lines) 

Jason Wu for Target debuts February 5th 2012, and its Look Book is up now.

Its cute, quirky, and cheerful, pleats, bows and florals.
Maybe more for the younger crowd, it definitely won't cause the Target website to crash the way the Missoni for Target line did, and the price point is low - $19.99 - $59.99

Its also different enough from his regular line that you can wear Jason Wu and not be mistaken for Target.
Its hard to see someone in Missoni now and not wonder if they're wearing Missoni for Target.

Check out some of the Jason Wu For Target Look Book

 Actually, I would never look at these and even guess that they were Jason.
There are bags too...

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