Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Marie Claire Turkey December 2011 Liberation And Restraint

I was completely bored 
with the whole fetish fashion concept, 
and the endless editorial it has been generating.

In fact wasn't planning 
on running any more posts on it at all. 

But then I saw this one.
And you've just gotta love
anything this makeup-fierce!
fashionising.com awarded this image its fashgasm of the day. Gotta love a good fashgasm...

Frankly I never think of Marie Claire 
as being an edgy magazine.

Guess I'll have to start paying attention now.

Nina Reijinders and Victoria Lipatova  
by Koray Parlak 
for Marie Claire Turkey December 2011.

Makeup Artist Ali Riza Ozdemir 
hit this one clear out of the ballpark 
with a fabulous fuchsia lip 
that both steals the show, 
and makes the entire story into its own slice
of crazy-sexy-cool

Liberation And Restraint

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