Monday, May 9, 2011

Six Fashion Statements For Spring Summer 2011

Last week in Paris I spent some quality time with the very fabulous La Mode La Mode La Mode, and while being inspired half out of my mind and caught somewhere between fashion A.D.D and fashion O.C.D, I came away with their 6 Fashion Statements for Spring/Summer 2011.

And here they are:

1.) Bold Blocked Color,
a la Jil Sander

This is a total fun, sexy, bold look, easy to wear, spontaneous and super glam.

2.) Stripes
especially deckchair stripes, seen here at Prada and at Jil Sander

Fierceness at Prada

Billowy stripes at Jil Sander

3.) Makeup!
Eyes are the big trendy accessory for spring summer 2011, whether bright white and bold at Prada
or bold bright at Louis Vuitton

4.) Yves Saint Laurent's 70's trend 
showed up in some exciting places, including his Marakesh period seen at
Marc Jacobs in New York

straight up sexy 70's at Gucci in Milan

or the opium style at Louis Vuitton in Paris,

the imprint of the master, Yves Saint Laurent was apparent.

There was a distinctly 90's feel to the minimalism at Celine,

causing a thrill that even had Anna Wintour clapping in the front row of the show.

6.) Punk Rock. (with a high fashion twist)
It was fun and exciting to see a little edge at Balmain,


and check out the Joan Jett/ rock n roll hair at Gaultier!
Oh how I love Paris! And La Mode La Mode La Mode!!

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