Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Leaving No Lash Behind

Here's a really cool new mascara
thats launching this month (September)
from Avon.

Its called superMagnify Mascara.
This one is about making every lash count.
Its a clump free formula, designed to define 
for stunningly full lashes.

Whats super cool is the revolutionary new brush
that includes an unprecedented 
1000+ microbristles, which coat every lash 
from corner to corner,
root to tip, for optimal fullness.
These microbristles grasp even the smallest
finest lash, delivering maximum definition 
for voluminous eyes.

In fact there's a 5:1 bristles to lashes ratio, 
creating 6X the lash volume and revealing 49% more lashes.

superMagnify comes in 3 shades:
black, brown, and my favorite to waken up tired eyes, navy.

Its also totally affordable at $8.50


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