Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cold Plasma

One of my absolute favorite,
just can't do without
products at the moment
is Perricone MD's
Cold Plasma.

I originally got Cold Plasma as a rescue product,
to help me resurrect my skin
after the combination of the
drying effects of the desert heat,
endless air travel 
(including long hauls to Australia and back)
and long days in TV makeup

left my complexion screaming for help.

Cold Plasma is one of those fabulous products
that gives you instant, discernible results.
So in the first week of use, I was in love.

Then I came to find out that it is actually
preventative maintenance as well.
It combats the 10 most visible signs of aging,
has an innovative delivery system,
and actually communicates with your skin.

According to Dr Perricone:

"Each individual is unique; some may require 10 times higher levels of a particular nutrient than another person. Cold Plasma’s ionic suspension can provide an available form of all the nutrients needed by the individual cell. The cell will select and utilize only those nutrients needed."

To you and me that means our skin gets
exactly what it needs, when it needs it.

You use Cold Plasma morning and night
under your moisturizer.

Read more about it here: Vanity Fair Blog
You Tube on Cold Plasma here
Coupons are available here

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