Thursday, July 29, 2010

Violet Flame Enzyme Mask

At this time of the year our skin needs extra help.
Typically it is experiencing all kinds of stress from the heat,
perspiration mucking up the pores, sunscreens and humidity holding extra grime against the surface, and the extra oil production that the summer and a good dose of humidity bring.
Conversely if you live in a dry heat, you're constantly battling the overwhelming loss of water and moisture from your skin.

So you need to add some repair products and some booster products to your skin care regimen.

I cover this in an upcoming SheKnowsTV show, but here on the blog I'm going to breakdown the individual products that I talk about, so you can get a little more info.

All the products come from a fabulous skincare website that everyone can access, no matter where you are in the world,

Violet Flame Enzyme Mask 
This is one of my favorite masks of all time.
Powerful fruit enzymes digest the dead surface
cells, giving you a beautiful exfoliation,
without using a scrub.
(I'm not a fan of facials scrubs)
Meanwhile it is oxygenating the skin and
energizing skin respiration.
Your pores get a nice deep cleanse, and its
full of vitamins that boost vitality and restore
This mask is fabulous
for anyone, but is extra loving
to skin that has had to deal with weather,
or just needs a little TLC.
It looks gorgeous, and smells good enough to eat!
Ideally you use it every week or two,
depending on your skin's needs.
You will see an instant result,
so its also a fabulous mask to use
before a big night out, or a special event.

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