Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How To Wear Beach Makeup

Wearing a full face of makeup to the beach
just looks plain ridiculous.
Most of us don't really want to be completely au naturel either.
So here's the 411 on how to do fab beach makeup:

* wear masses of SPF
before you do anything else, liberally apply a very high facial SPF. 
My personal favorite is Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF 85 with helioplex.
You won't be greasy, and you'll get some decent protection from burning.
When you do need to reapply use a powder SPF like ColoreScience

* Avoid foundation.
If you absolutely must have something on your skin, opt for a very light dusting of a crushed mineral makeup.
Regular formulations will melt, sweat and look gooey (and ridiculous).
Keep any concealing to a bare minimum. 
Color correct any under eye action, but use a very light touch.
The harsh glare of the sun will magnify anything you have on 

* Be bronzed
 an all over gel/cream facial bronzer will give you ample color
and have such a refined texture, that you won't see it on the surface of the skin.
I like L'Oreal Sublime. Equal parts self tanner and bronzer
are dispensed at once, giving you controllable color for face and neck.
Body self tanners tend to break the face out, and leave it with a rougher texture.
* Add a pop of color
my favorite color piece for the summer is Nars Multiple tint.
This is a limited edition product, so you need to get it quickly.
Multiple tint comes in 3 shades:
Beverly Hills (red)
Turks and Caicos (orange)
Cadaques (fuchsia)
These can be used on cheeks, eyes and lips. 
They're very sheer, build able color
so you can infuse just the right amount of life into your skin, while giving a lovely, bright, summery lip.
They also leave a divine finish to the skin, with a beautiful, healthy glow.
*Waterproof or water resistant mascara
your choice of formulation is really important here.
You don't want to be building huge, thick, bold lashes when  going to the beach.
Long, sleek, defined lashes are key.
My favorite beach mascara this season is also by Nars
Larger Than Life Lengthening Mascara is water resistant,
and builds sleek beautiful lashes.
If you are going to wear eyeliner, try Makeup Forever's aqualiners. 
They  become waterproof in around 60 seconds, so you have time to smudge and soften the line first.
*No touch ups.
 lips are always OK to touch up, and powdered SPF too.
But nothing else.
Remember, this is about looking fresh and beautiful,
not looking like a hot, greasy caricature of yourself.

* Big hat, big glasses
while looking fabulous, protect your scalp from melanoma, your skin from supersonic aging
(and all skin cancer's)
and protect your eyes.   


  1. I'm in Indiana, so I'm not at the beach much, but I think these are great tips for the hot & humid summers we're now having! For some reason, I didn't know there was powdered SPF...good to know.

  2. Dina its fabulous! I'm showing it on an upcoming SheKnows.com show too :)