Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lets FACE it - I'm In Looove!!

So let's just FACE it here,
I am in love.
Not just a sweet mellow little love,
but a full blown wild & crazy kinda love!!

And its with a product line that just keeps on packing the punches,
and delivering the goods
over and over.

Its FACE Atelier.
And you need these products,
just like I do.
Because I don't only use them in my pro kit,
I wear them everyday.

I first heard about this line because some of the biggest makeup artists in the world
were crawling through broken glass to get their hands on their products.
Endorsement enough for me!

FACE Atelier was the officialmakeup sponsor for Madonna's "Confessions" Tour.
And you know Madge,
she never settles for anything less than the best.
And frankly,
neither should you and I.

my whole love thing began with the Ultra Foundation.

It comes in sets for pro makeup artists

...or regular folk can buy it in individual bottles.

This divine silicone based foundation is literally like liquid silk on the skin.
Loaded with color pigment, the color stays true all day (and all night)
It doesn't crease or flake,
and it minimizes all the not so glorious things like fine lines & wrinkles and pores.
It stands up to the weather, whether its hot or cold, wet or dry out.
And frankly, leaves your skin looking healthy, alive and glowing.

No wonder makeup artists swear by it.
I love it.

Another product with a cult like following is their lip glaze.
It comes in 10 fabulous shades,
and is really highly pigmented,
which means beautiful, even color,
and long lasting wear.

I wear it myself (in Cameo and Dianthus this week)
and have used it on every shoot and commercial for the past few weeks.
You have to check them out!

To find a FACE Atelier retailer near you go to their web site
or you can order online.

As Face Atelier would say: Because Looking Good Is The Best Revenge!

Love it!



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