Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eye Cream Giveaway!

Hey everyone!

I made you a little video
about the eye cream giveaway.
Time's running out,
so make sure you enter today!

Here's the vid

Here's the link to the eye cream giveaway post
NV Perricone Advanced Eye Therapy Giveaway


  1. Love to find an eye cream that not only reduces wrinkles but adds smoothness to fine lines and look like as if I had a eye lift. My current eye cream seems blah... I am turning somewhere pass 44 in age and I do not want my eyes to look it. So in saying this I know NV Perricone Advanced eye therapy will set me back 20 years...Franny K...

  2. I want to get rid of my crows' feet!! I need help!

  3. I'm only twenty and I'm starting to get dark circles and bags under my eyes =(
    I would like a strong cream that will give me quick results!

  4. I have very dark circles under my eyes and I'm 34.I'm looking for something that works like a magic for me.