Monday, December 7, 2009

Hey Santa Baby!

Dear Santa
It's me, Corinna.
I've been such a good, good girl
Achingly good in fact
Good til it almost hurt

I've made a list of things I'd like
for you to bring me
Because I deserve them

Alicia Keys new album drops 10 days before you get here
I'll already have it

But bring another just in case

This David Yurman ring will make me feel like Kate
Wild and free

Mr Louboutin said you have his number
I told him you'd get me this shoe in black
It sparkles when I dance in it.

I put this one in to give you a yuletide giggle.
It looks like its wearing a merkin.
We'll call it the "M" shoe
It'll be our little secret
Yours and mine
And you will know what I mean.

(I don't really want this shoe Santa...)

But this one I'd die for.
Jimmy Choo "Glenys" in silver
I pined for it in green python
But I didn't succumb

Santa, this shoe is everything. Everything.

If you bring it to me
Stop by Agent Provocateur on the way

Choose either of these masks

Will is already looking for a sexy dark wig for me
We need it for a shoot

But I will have it on when you get here

I will do my makeup like this
Beautiful K.K

I'll slip on the Jimmy's and a mask
and I will dance for you

To this beautiful song

This is not the end of my list Santa
I will be back
with more


  1. you are sooo funny, crazy cool!
    don't ever stop!

    Carmel CA

  2. I hope you get EVERYTHING on your list!!! Make more lists for us CorinnaB

    love and love and love


  3. you said MERKIN!!!!!!!!
    LOVE YOU Corinna B!

    Katie M
    Oklahoma City

  4. Your are fabulous.......Ms B