Saturday, July 18, 2009

Checking Out Miss Hayden P....

When Hayden Pannettiere showed up at David Letterman a couple of weeks ago, the fashion world let out a collective "aaaahhhh!"

And so did I.

Every blog under the sun wrote about it, and because some of my favorite blogs were amongst them, I decided to wait a while out of courtesy.

So lets just have a little look at Miss P.

Firstly lets analyze whats right about her makeup.
Well that was quick - everything!
I have got to say here that whoever did her makeup this day was 100% on the money and needs a raise. This is what makeup perfection looks like! This is also what reading the moment perfectly looks like.

Hayden has a soft, beachy hairdo going on, so the makeup needs to reflect fresh face, glowing skin and give a 'natural beauty' vibe.
I love the attention and accent given to her cheeks, making the structure of her face the main focus.
The super-soft brow lends itself to the beachy feel, the eye is soft yet defined. We are taken in by her eyes, but not overwhelmed by them. The soft neutral lip gives more attention to the eye.

I would love to see more girls rocking that lovely, summery look! Just perfect!

The dress I wasn't loving.

However, once we hit the street we were back in perfection again! The shoes!!! Oh my! The shoes!!!
Who cares about the dress when you have shoes like that? I love them!!!

Stuart Weitzman Tijuana's.
Even the color name is cool. Not 'black', these beauties are 'jet mirror'.

On the 'must have' list. These go beyond have to have. These are must have, as in must have in order to keep breathing.

I actually have no idea whatsoever as to what she was there to talk about that night. I was far too busy checking out the make up and the shoes!
Last night Danica Patrick was on Kimmel, and I have no idea what she was promoting either, as I was completely absorbed with the fierce thigh boots she had on. Her hair and make up were great too, but the boots! They were quite something! But thats another story...

You see shoe love, my friends, is true love...

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