Thursday, June 11, 2009

Loving that Wild Fig!

I love scented candles.

I always have them burning in my home, in the make up room, and often have them burning in the studio on photoshoots. I never take a bath without candles burning, and in fact, the first step in my morning ritual is lighting a beautiful candle before I start my skincare and make up routine.

Candles are such rich symbols of mood and sensuality, they are calming, soothing and relaxing.

My favorite at the moment is Trish McEvoy's Wild Fig Candle

The fragrance is divine, subtle without being overwhelming. Not too sweet, but fresh and clean.

I have the large candles at home, and keep the small one in my make up kit for the days that the make up room needs a little lovin.

Trish's candles are soy, so they burn clean and last a long time. They are so fragrant that you can actually just leave a new candle opened and unlit in a room for the first couple of weeks, and the room will smell gorgeous!

She has a few different fragrances as well as the Wild Fig, the most popular of which would have to be the Blackberry and Vanilla. (I burn that one all winter long!)

I buy mine at Nieman Marcus. Renee Howley, the Trish specialist at the Nieman's here in Scottsdale turned me on to them. They make lovely gifts, are fab to burn at dinner parties and soirees, and are just my favorite thing right now!

Nieman's ships, so if you are not near a Trish location call Renee at the Trish McEvoy counter at Nieman Marcus in Scottsdale AZ (480) 990-2100 and get her to send one out to you.
If you are in the greater Phoenix area go see Renee and get your make up done while you smell the candles.

Ooohh! Life is good!

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